I am very different from Dr. Ishani on my show says Surbhi Chandna on her character in Sanjivani

I am very different from Dr. Ishani on my show says Surbhi Chandna on her character in Sanjivani

Surbhi Chandna

There’s always a stark difference in what an actor plays on screen and what they are in person. Even when they share many similarities with their characters, it’s a different experience trying to be someone else. Surbhi Chandna, who will be next seen in the comeback of the iconic show ‘Sanjivani’ shares how different she is from Dr. Ishani, the character that she plays on the show and what all goes behind being a different person altogether.

Surbhi further shares, “Dr. Ishani is a very serious character. She is someone who plays by the rules, puts her patients above everything else but won’t break any norms in doing so. She does exactly what is right.  Whereas in real life, I am a different person. I am a happy-go-lucky person who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind out.”

Furthermore, for prepping up for the role of a doctor Surbhi took special workshops for her character with her producer, Siddharth Malhotra. She shares, “Dr. Ishani is a character who has a little too many layers to her. She has a background and a history which has made her the way she is, and for that, the prep was needed. Siddharth really helped me with it.”

The fact that Sanjivani is going to make a comeback after 17 years has left people really excited. The show revolves around the personal and professional lives of doctors and the kind of positivity that surrounds them and the positive aura they exude and how they help their patients and keep them above their own lives!

The show will see big names like Mohnish Bahl and Gurdeep Kohli who were also the lead cast of Sanjivani earlier. and joining them this time will be Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna in the lead roles. The show is being produced by Sidharth Malhotra and will air on Star Plus in the upcoming month.