‘I AM KALAM’ wins prestigiou​s Filmfare Award!..

Some stories are simply to be told. And the story that has enlightened the nation on the right to education in an entertaining format of a film, I AM KALAM, directed by Nila Madhab Panda, has won the prestigious Filmfare Award for best story. And for writer Sanjay Chouhan it is a dream come true as the protagonist of the film Chottu/Kalam  It is also a dream come true for one of the most sensitive director to debut in Bollywood, Nila Madhab Panda and SMILE foundation, the development organisation who produced the film.

Says Nila Madhab Panda “I am a true believer of “Independent cinema” and independent storytelling. I truly believe cinema is the reflection of the society. As a child, the biggest entertainment is when you hear a story from your grandmother or parents. The treatment of “I am Kalam” is simply like that – it is told like the way our grandmothers used to tell stories to us. It’s a simple narration”

Mr. Sushilkumar Agrawal of ULTRA, the Rs-3-billion film production, distribution and Restoration Company headquartered in Mumbai.  too feels vindicated on being associated with I AM KALAM, since he loved the socially relevant message the film inspired. “After watching ‘I Am Kalam’, I was fascinated about the film, message and the director’s vision and immediately picked up all the rights of I AM KALAM. ULTRA is proud to be associated with this film which inspires and elevates society. And when the Director, Mr. Panda, narrated me the story of his next mainstream film ‘Jal bin Jalpari’ (The Desert Mermaid), I was very much confident of his vision and thought that this is the best opportunity to be socially active through mainstream cinema since it is a subject told in an adventure thriller format that has immense market potential both in domestic and international markets says Ultra group CEO Sushilkumar Agrawal.

Sources close to the producers  say that I AM KALAM may have a sequels  planned that will traverse the journey of the main protagonist Chootu/Kalam, like Satyajit Ray ‘Apu’ Trilogy.

I AM KALAM is cinema that inspires…Sequels for this one, will be more than welcome!