Huma Qureshi: There is a genuine interest in Indian movies and actors in the West!

Huma Qureshi: There is a genuine interest in Indian movies and actors in the West!

Huma Qureshi - sitting

Riding high on the success of Jolly LLB 2, Huma Qureshi has much reason to celebrate.

The actress is also looking forward to making her big international debut Viceroy’s House, after smoothly making the transition from being a powerhouse performer, to a successful commercial star.

Sharing screen space alongside acting giants including Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson, the talented actress is blessed to be heading the Priyanka Chopra way.

Talking about adapting to the British accent for her first international outing, she says, “I had to work on my accent, but if you are going to another country and working there, you have to play by their rules. I not only had to master my British accent, but the speech had to be similar to an educated girl in 1947. I had to work on a specific accent for which I listened to a lot of speeches of female leaders during the era, besides working with an accent teacher.”

Huma believes that more people are now interested in Indian actors than ever before. She says, “The focus towards Indian actors is definitely changing in the world. When I go to the West, I have observed that there is a genuine interest in Indian movies and actors. It is true that we are looked at with a magnifying glass, but we are no less in comparison — whether it is fashion, cinema or just the way we present ourselves. We don’t lag behind anywhere.”

Her film Viceroy’s House also received rave reviews from the audience in London, as it premiered at the Curzon theatre in Mayfair and while it releases in the UK on March 3rd, it will release closer to the 70th anniversary of India’s independence on home turf.​