Hrithik Roshan’s triumph over obstacles being taught to class 6 students in textbooks

Hrithik Roshan’s triumph over obstacles being taught to class 6 students in textbooks

Hrithik R

Hrithik Roshan’s journey with stammering and winning over obstacles has been inspirational for one and all. As a revelation, his story is being taught to students of class 6 under the chapter of self confidence in the textbook, Life and values imprinted by S. Chand publications. The book is followed in the Matric schools of Tamil Nadu for class 6 where the textbook is a part of value education for students.

A picture is doing the rounds of the internet, which captures his fight to overcome the same in the form of a lesson in Self Confidence. A handle shared, “Felt bored, so I was reading a  textbook of my niece. I was surprised to see this page. This is from the value education textbook of class 6. Who else can teach self-confidence better than him? Proud of you  @iHrithik sir ❤️ @HrfcTamilnadu @HrithikRules @HrithikInspires”

Earlier, Hrithik’s brilliant feat of not letting his drawback pull him back had also been immortalised in international author Ben Brooks’ book titled Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different.
Putting all the struggles together, namely, how he hated talking because of the stammering diction, leading a life with a condition with a curved spine and how he overcame each and every one of them with rigour and determination is what the book aims to put a across, bringing out the beloved actor as a true inspiration.

Hrithik Roshan truly is one inspiration and his journey, a source of building self-confidence for us where he won over each of them with his vigor and determination.

On the work front, Hrithik had a tremendous 2020 with two back to back hits- Super 30 and WAR which not only won hearts but also rocked at the box office, breaking records. Bringing a legacy of challenging portrayals, the actor not only took up the challenge to get in shape after Super 30 but excelled at it and that too within a time frame of just two months. Hrithik Roshan’s WAR has turned out to be the biggest grosser of 2019 until now and has charted crores at the box office.