Hrithik Roshan – What a lovely host !

Hrithik Roshan – What a lovely host !

Hrithik Roshan – What a lovely host ! 

Hrithik Roshan - What a lovely host !

If ever you get a chance to visit Hrithik Roshan’s home in Juhu, it will definitely be a big treat for your taste buds.
Sources close to the actor reveal that Hrithik has a special menu card at home to treat any guests that come over at any point in the day. The breakfast specials, lunch or dinner.
The menu card is an elaborate one with various dishes from multiple cuisines from across the world. Even the way the menu card is designed is very interesting. It has lots of food quotes and amazing designs.

More importantly, the list includes all the favorite dishes of his family members including his kids and the regulars at his home. Hrithik has personally given his inputs into the making of the menu card.

Hrithik has also hired well trained chefs to make the delicious and scrumptious dishes in minutes. Insiders reveal that the food at the actor’s home is considered among the best in the industry and it is impossible that you won’t go gaga over it after the visit.

Hrithik Roshan - What a lovely host
A source reveals that “As soon as you walk in to his house, a welcome drink, different kinds of vegetarian and non vegetarian snacks and also something to satiate your sweet tooth is offered. If it is a longer meeting, there is a lot more coming your way. Whenever you go to Hrithik’s house, make sure you go on an empty stomach because he is an amazing host and won’t let you go without eating.