Hrithik Roshan shoots 21 hours at a stretch for HRX!

Hrithik Roshan shoots 21 hours at a stretch for HRX!

Superstar Hrithik Roshan , the poster-boy for health and fitness in the country recently shot for a commercial for HRX , a brand inspired by the Bollywood superstar’s style and philosophies, embodied in the tagline `Push Your Extreme.

Despite being in the midst of the Bang Bang promotions, Hrithik Roshan took time out of his busy schedule and shot for the HRX “Active Wear” Commercial for 21 hours at a stretch at a popular suburban hotel– What’s more is that, this will be the first time the superstar will be seen bare bodied for a commercial.

Says a source, “While known to be a thorough professional and perfectionist, Hrithik had everyone present on the sets impressed with his dedication as he shot at a stretch for over 21 hours for the Active Wear HRX commercial…Since he will be bare bodied in a couple of scenes in the tvc , he would shoot a scene then work out on the set and return to the frame when the camera rolled”.