Hrithik Roshan releases Braille-Tactile children’s book series – Tactabet

Hrithik Roshan releases Braille-Tactile children’s book series – Tactabet


White Print, India’s first English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille launches Braille- Tactile alphabet books in Hindi and English

The Kaabil actor Hrithik Roshan released a one of its kind Braille-Tactile children’s book series Tactabet. The alphabets books available in both Hindi and English are created to enable integrated and fun learning for visually impaired and kids with low vision.

Tactabet is the brainchild of the team behind White Print, India’s First English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille. Incidentally, Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam are the first actors to have given interviews that will be published in Braille for White Print Magazine in the next issue. Whilst playing the role of a visually impaired couple for their upcoming movie Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam have emotionally invested and giving their all to the preps that playing this role required. Therefore, it comes as no surprise for them to be the first stars to give an interview for White Print and that too in the most powerful medium that is sure to reach the ones who cannot read, in Braille. The full length feature interview will be unveiled in a few weeks from now.


Meanwhile, Tactabet is a one of its kind initiative for people with visual impairment and low vision. The child is not only able to learn his alphabets but instantly feel the shape of the word associated with each one of them. White Print is working towards integrated and fun education and are extremely excited to bring this to the community. When Hrithik heard that this was in the pipeline, he immediately dedicated time for a full length Facebook Live Launch and interview with Upasana Makati, editor and publisher, White Print.

Speaking about Tactabet, Hrithik Roshan said that, “I have studied the basic skills of how the visually impaired people read, and I was absolutely dumbfounded to see how fast they read and how they use all four fingers. And when they read it aloud, its like seeings a news reader read on TV, that is how normal and effortless it is. Tactabet brings tears to my eyes, not because its for little children but because its such a heart warming idea and its gives the reader the whole experience of learning and its beautiful. It is a combination of feeling the indentation and also making out the shape of the letter like B for Ball or A for Apple and that is just genius. God bless the team of White Print and all the wonderful kids who will be learning through this medium. ”


“Our journey with the visually impaired community began over three years ago when we launched White Print – India’s first English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille. The response has been overwhelming and encouraged us to move further into the infinite horizon of Braille books. We realized that there is a lot that needs to be done in the enchanting Braille world and Tactabet qualifies to be the legitimate next step towards our larger mission of having numerous Braille books in every school, library and bookstore. The unique design and technology used in creating and printing the book makes Tactabet even more special,” says Upasana Makati, editor and publisher, White Print.

Tactabet is priced at Rs. 1,000 and will be available on order. To know more and order the book you could write or visit

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