Honey Singh received more than a lakh messages!

Honey Singh received more than a lakh messages!

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Honey Singh’s struggle with bipolar disorder kept him away from all the limelight for 18th months. India’s most sought after live performer recently came out and spoke about his disorder in detail. After this hiatus, when Honey Singh came on to the stage there was a different exhilaration, especially in his fans!

Honey’s first big performance was at a recent award show held in Dubai for which he received tremendous response, followed by a special performance for a Holi party in Dubai amongst the live audience!

He had been in huge demand from all quarters and had everyone grooving to his tunes. Now after witnessing the live performance the superstar delivered, it was a solid treat to his fans.

Honey Singh being the big sensation that he is, he received more than a lakh messages from his fans on how happy they were to see him perform after 18th months.

Fans from all across the world were writing to Honey, expressing their joy on his return and their love for him.

Spokesperson of Honey Singh shares, “Honey’s fan’s are extremely happy, the mails and messages  that have been pouring in express their sheer love and the excitement towards Honey”