Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand – Shri Dr. Aziz Qureshi unveils “Warriors of Kurukshetra” by Debutant Authors Mamta Bhatt & Tripti Sheth

Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand – Shri Dr. Aziz Qureshi unveils “Warriors of Kurukshetra” by Debutant Authors Mamta Bhatt & Tripti Sheth

……Occasion blessed by Shri Satpal Maharajji (Member of Parliament) and the proud presence of Shrimati Amrita Rawat (Minister Tourism, Horticulture, Culture, women Empowerment & Child Welfare and Renewable Energy).

Dehradoon: The dynamic city and capital to the state which is “God’s Abode” saw the coming together of several dignitaries comprising of H.E. Dr.Aziz Qureshi – Governor of Uttarakhand,  Shri Satpal Maharajji (Member of Parliament), Shrimati Amrita Rawat (Minister Tourism, Horticulture, Culture, Women Empowerment & Child Welfare and Renewable Energy).

Penned in simplistic beauty by both the authors Mamta Bhatt & Tripti Sheth,
the book is an easy to read, complete and running, action-packed, illustrated story of the Mahabharata. The main objective of the authors is to bring back the unraveling mysteries of Mahabharata back to life of youngsters. The book is specially created for children of age 12 and above and it can be enjoyed by all age groups.

A visibly delighted Mamta who hails from the Pahads of Garhwal exclaimed, “We are honored to have been blessed with such an important platform for our first book.  The main idea is to grab attention of the younger clan so the new generation is aware of the evergreen tales of Mahabharata as they grow and we are sure, with this launch in the Devbhoomi of Garhwal – ours will be our an auspicious journey bringing together all people by means of our rich mythological saga.”

Resonating Mamta’s enthusiasm, Tripti adds, “As mothers and as book worms we wanted to connect our youngsters with our rich historical mythological past, and not only in India but we plan to take Warriors of Kurukshetra (WOK) to all possible parts of the world soon. We wanted to commence our journey in this holy state and are hoping all readers will thoroughly enjoy our books” (WOK is a set of 4).

The event took place at the Raj Bhawan and began by the National Anthem followed by the auspicious lighting of lamp by all dignitaries, post which the book was unveiled to all present and respected media personnel. The event beautifully culminated by Saraswati Vandana by the kids of Shemford Doon School. Shri S.N. Joshi – Educationist & Director of Shemrock & Shemford Doon Schools presented his valuable review of the book.

The book will be available in a Set of 4 and will be available at all leading book stores at an introductory price of INR 999/- (complete set).

Generations of kids have grown up reading the Mahabharata and watching it on television. And yet, the evergreen story still has takers as is evident from the latest version of the mythological saga. The four-book series covers the story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas as well as the many sub-stories. Also, there are colourful illustrations within and the book has an antiquated finish, which makes you feel as if you have stumbled upon a lost book. While some of the sub-stories have alternate ending and sequences, in their defense, there are several versions of the tale itself. The language is fairly simple and sub-stories are narrated in an engrossing manner. The focus is also on the lesser-known tales within the Mahabharata like the stories of Dronacharya’s past. The book puts a lot of emphasis on the lessons that can be learned from the text and how certain virtues will help you in all walks of life and across the passage of time.

Authors Profile: Mamta Bhatt & Tripti Sheth.
Mamta works as the Director – Legal with the BJN Group for the last 8 yrs and has been closely involved in the expansion of the group hotel chains all over the country. Having a total corporate experience of over 18 yrs and having worked with several law firms prior to this and being a practicing advocate, Mamta completed her graduation from the University of Mumbai with dual degrees in B.A, LLB. Mamta hails from Uttarakhand and Rishikesh is her hometown and she is proud to have spent all her spiritual vacations there. Mamta’s introduction to great spiritual literature began early. While growing up, she loved reading, until life’s demands took over. As a mother, Mamta always wanted her son to have exposure to the rich cultural heritage our country offers and to the great Indian Epics such as the Ramayan, Mahabharata. But nothing that was available in the market could satisfy the author’s requirement…….This turned out to be ‘The Reason” that fuelled the birth and form of “Warriors of Kurukshestra.”

Tripti Sheth
Tripti too hails from a legal background and it is the Government Law College that she met and got friends with Mamta. Post that Tripti spent 9 years working in Mumbai, Bangalore and Dallas in the legal framework of the respective cities. Tripti strongly feels that being an avid reader, a lawyer and a mother; she exactly understands the value of a good book. Some books influence our thoughts, how we see ourselves and our world.  But it’s those kind of books that resonate with us, even years, after we have read them that find a special place in our lives. They help shape our expressions and give us comfort and direction in our difficult moments. The author in the mother feels that when she started reading to her lil daughter Bhoomika shortly after she was born, she became even more concerned about the way books were losing the battle to television, Ipads and other moving media. And the realization that getting her child interested in ancient epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana, as she grew up, would be quite a challenge.