Hollywood’s film maker will direct the film from the inspiration of Narendra Modi

Hollywood’s film maker will direct the film from the inspiration of Narendra Modi


Tea stall‘s worker Narendra Modi’s journey to CM (Chief Minister) from CM (Common man) will be inspiration film: Mitesh Patel

For the post of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi CM of Gujarat is the most favorite candidate. The Hollywood’s film maker Mr. Mitesh Patel gets inspiration for CM Narendra Modi and going to direct a Film. Shooting of that film will be starting from September.

Film maker Mitesh Patel is on his visit to Gujarat to make a film on CM Narendra Modi. In an interaction Mr. Patel said that, I am inspired of Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi started as worker on Tea Stall. And then after his journey to CM (Chief Minister) from CM (Common man) is right story to make a film.

About the film on Narendra Modi he said that, in this film we try to cover the different part of Narendra Modi’s life such as his childhood, conflict. And the man part of the story is his journey of the carrier to CM from the ground level person in RSS. We will try to cover the main event such as conflict, controversies and allegations which happened in his life till he become the CM of Gujarat. We don’t make a film on living legend in India commonly, but in Hollywood there are so many films on living legend.

He added that, my film will not be a Documentary Film; it will be Commercial Bio-pick film. I am Gujarati and I find another reason to get pride on it. CM Narendra Modi is not only in India but he is popular in Indians living in US as well. Nowadays, every one sees him as a future Prime Minister of India. His personality is magical and at the same time he is ‘Fakir’ as well. He has no one in his family so there are on controversies of malversation. His ‘Fakiry’ attracted me. At the end Gujarat get a person with the strong morale and to serve the people of India such as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Mitesh said that the title of the film is not ready yet but the shooting of the film will be started for the next September month. If everything will be on track then in December the will be released. At this time we are finalizing the cast of the film.

Applied Art Production is the film producing house in Hollywood, California managed by Mr. Mitesh Patel. Mr. Patel is originally from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He has completed is degree in Fine Arts from The M. S. University. After the long back he settled in America. From the banner Applied Art Production Mr. Patel has directed so many films such as The Man in the Maze, High Chicago, Naron, Findings Joy, Anything for You, Forbidden Girl, Unlisd and Random Encounter. His production house released Indian film such as Kmal Dhamal Malamal and Delhi Safari in America. Recently Mr. Mitesh Patel and Rupesh Poal is making 3D film with Sharling Chopra.