Hollywood makeup artist RICK BAKER

The franchise Men in Black is often associated with the creative aliensthat its shows- tiny, slimy, sticky, eyes-popping aliens! The man behindcreating such wondrous aliens is Makeup artist Rick Baker. Baker is associatedwith the past two movies of the franchise and will be back with such horrendousaliens in the third movie of the trilogy!

The movie Men in Black 3 of Sony Picture’s releases all over India on 25thMay and will be in 3D.The movie brings back the two well-known agents-Agent Jand Agent K. This time around J comes across a piece of news that makes himtake a time jump. J lands in the era of 1960’s where the aliens aren’t as goodas they ought to be! The shocking colour combos and the hippie culture has influencedthese aliens too.

How does Baker bring forth these aliens of 1960’s is something we will seewhen the movie releases.But talking about the challenge of creating suchmonsters Baker says, “It is fun working for such franchise where not only do Iget to show my creativity with aliens of 2012 but also get to create the aliensof 1960’s.The aliens of 1960’s with big eyes and wearing helmets on theirheads”

Talking about the versatility of Baker,Will Smith says, “The thing I really love is the retro aliens. Ithought that was an absolute stroke of genius. The aliens are designed from thescience fiction perspective of the 60s. You know, Ray Bradburry, Isaac Asimov, “StarTrek” on TV, you know what I mean. Rick Baker designed each alienwith that very awkward, peculiar sense of humor from the 60’s sci-fiperspective. Thealiens capture a texture, a wonderful sense of humor, and a cleverinventiveness that lends itself to this world”

The same testimony comes from the ProducerParkes. He says “It was Baker’s idea to have a little fun in his alien designs.He came in one day and said, ‘What if the aliens in 1969 were 1960s aliens,retro-futuristic aliens that reflected our collective memory of that time and amore innocent approach to sci-fi?’  Itwas just such a charming idea, and everyone went for it.”

Charming or not, the creativity is sure toappease the audience.But how very appeasing will it be will only revealed oncethe movie releases in India on 25th May.