Hollywood Actress, Lakshmi Manchu and Anand Srinivasan launch the Ariel ‘His & Her’ Pack and join the #ShareTheLoad Movement

Hollywood Actress, Lakshmi Manchu and Anand Srinivasan launch the

Ariel ‘His & Her’ Pack and join the #ShareTheLoad Movement

Anand Srinivasan pledges support by taking the popular #WashBucketChallenge

A recently conducted survey by an independent third party agency on Indian Households across 5 cities, supported by Ariel India reveals that more than 2/3rds of Indian women feel men who do the laundry will make great husbands*

80% of working Indian women** want their spouse to share the household chores*

76% of Indian women feel laundry is the easiest task a man can help with at home*

Hollywood actress Lakshmi Manchu and Anand Srinivasan, used Ariel’s newly launched ‘His & Her’ Pack to join the ‘Share the Load’ movement at a press conference here in Hyderabad. In response to a pan-India debate over recent weeks on inequality within the household, the ‘Share The Load’ movement launched by Ariel India is receiving support across the country. Lakshmi and Anand, join a host of celebrities who have already pledged support for the movement. With Ariel’s newly launched ‘His & Her’ pack, more men can join in and pledge their support to the already popular movement!

With the survey revealing that 72% of Indian women want to only marry a man who will help with household chores*, it is clear that equality within the household is a burning issue for women across the country. The survey also reveals that 76% of Indian women surveyed feel laundry is the easiest task a man can help with at home*, which is why Ariel India’s ‘Share The Load’ movement is aimed at getting men to pledge to do the laundry at home by taking the already popular  ‘Wash Bucket Challenge’.

Speaking on this occasion the talented Lakshmi Manchu said“I am absolutely delighted to launch Ariel’s new ‘His & Her’ pack and join the ‘Share The Load’ movement. Living abroad, Anand and I would take turns in doing the laundry among the other household chores; this we believe is the key to a happy marriage. Adding to that, I am not surprised that more than 2/3rds of Indian women feel that men who do the laundry will make great husbands*. I’m proud that he’s taking the already popular ‘Wash Bucket Challenge’ & with the help of Ariel’s new ‘His & Her’ pack more men across the country can join in!

Adding to Lakshmi, husband Anand Srinivasan commented, “Being equal partners is one of the most important aspects of one’s married life. I’m not surprised that today, 74% of Indian women want their boyfriends to commit to doing the laundry before marriage itself*. With our busy work-lives, getting quality time together is always a challenge. Which is why, we love doing laundry together and sharing the responsibilities at home as it gives us more quality time with each other! Today, I’m glad to have partnered with Ariel India in their effort to encourage couples to join the movement. With Ariel’s new ‘His & Her’ pack, more men like me can join in the movement and pledge their support!”

Sharat Verma, Associate Brand Director, Fabric Care, P&G India, added***, “Ariel is committed to empowering the lives & celebrating the successes of women across the country. One important way of achieving this is to address the inequality in Indian households when it comes to household chores. Which is why we encourage men to share the laundry load at home with Ariel’s new ‘His & Her’ pack and celebrate the pride of not only doing the laundry but also getting best stain removal in 1-wash“.

About the Survey on Indian Households:

An Independent Third Party Agency Survey on Indian Households was conducted in 5 cities (with a total of 1250 respondents). The survey was carried out in November, 2014, and was conducted among men and women in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Claims generated from men and women who were in agreement with the above statements as per a 5-city (1250 person) survey conducted by an independent third party agency in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore, in November 2014.

Women who work and do household chores

Based on third party test results in fully automatic washing machines on polycotton on stains like grass and coffee stains on leading matic detergents.