HOLI this 2014…EDM Style! All New Official Holi Reloaded Album

HOLI this 2014…EDM Style!  All New Official Holi Reloaded Album

Plus 91 gears itself for the grandeur Holi celebrations this year launching the official Holi Reloaded Album…a promotional Dance Music Album for Holi 2014, spearheaded by Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment 

The music launch was a magnanimous affair at one of Mumbai’s happening nightspot with Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment, Siddharth Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Kashyap Trivedi, Raju Chanana, Teenu Arora, Bharat Goel, Karan & Sunny, Sahil Joshi, Urvil Shah, Gaurav, Sartek Sadana & others.


The Plus 91 Holi Reloaded Album consists of 7 Home grown Indian Artist that have composed original tracks for the same. The artists featured are Kash Trivedi (Progressive House, Techno Progressive), Teenu Arora (Electronic) to name a few.


Coloring the town with the mega Holi celebration Holi Reloaded 2013 that saw a crowd of 3500, this year 3rd Rock Entertainment ups the bar by bringing the most happening Holi party ‘Holi Reloaded 2014’  to 3 cities & introducing the party goers to Plus 91 Holi Reloaded Music Album… the official Dance Music Album.

After the success of Holi Reloaded 2013 comes a much bigger & grandeur Holi Reloaded 2014 that will see a line of major artists from across the globe, spearheaded by Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock  Entertainment.


Aarnavv Shirsat explains the purpose of the album launch, “I am happy to be associated with Saregama & 9XM for helping us put up this dance musical & the next big thing in EDM this Diwali… Plus 91 Holi Reloaded Music Album. Basically this album is to give the youth some fresh & new tracks never heard before.”

Holi Reloaded is a unique Electronic Dance music (EDM) festival that started in the year 2013 in Mumbai, ‘Holi’, and the festival of colors, has been celebrated and loved by millions of Indians and foreigners for centuries. At Holi Reloaded 2014, the beauty of color has been fused with dance music mania at an open venue in the presence of various international and national acts.