Hitman Hashmi scores a hat-trick!

As Jannat 2 opened today to overwhelming numbers, Hitman Hashmi is on a roll with 3 consecutive blockbusters in a row.

After the stupendous success of Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture, the actor scores a hat-trick with his recent film Jannat 2 that opened to full houses in cinemas today, especially in centers like Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujurat and Punjab.

Confirming the news says Jaspal Dhingra of Nanaksar Enterprise (Punjab), “People are flocking to cinemas to watch Emraan Hashmi’s performance. The film has taken an excellent opening of 80-90 per cent and opened to full houses even in multiplexes. It is doing very well in single-screens too”.

While Murder 2 grossed  36.5 crores in its opening week, The Dirty Picture netted a total of around  50 crore within the same time frame and industry experts expect Emraan’s latest release to fare even better.


Talking about the actor’s popularity says acclaimed critic and trade analyst “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Murder 2 and now Jannat 2  …Emraan has consistently opened with every film at the box office .What’s even more impressive is that films like Murder 2 and Jannat 2 are both riding solely on Emraan‘s shoulders and despite having A-certificates have managed to open bigger than several big films with U-certificates, which goes to show Emraan’s popularity, potential and star power. Like Salman Khan- Emraan Hashmi is quite the ‘ darling of the masses’”.

Says Amod Mehra, “”Emraan Hashmi is emerging out of his shell -Initially looked upon as a hero of the masses, with his recent choice of films, he is entering the big league of actors with not just the talent but the star -power to back it”

Things are looking up like never before for Hitman Hashmi who has an enviable list of films lined up cutting across various genres starting with Jannat 2, Dibaker Banerjee’s Shanghai, Percept Pictures’ Rush, Raaz 3 and Raj Kumar Gupta’s Ghanchakkar and Vishal Bhardwaj’s Dayaan.

On a high note says Emraan Hashmi, “I’m very excited that the film has opened well – I’m thrilled.”