Hitman Hashmi impresses fans with Natwarlal tricks.

Hitman Hashmi impresses fans with Natwarlal tricks.

Hitman Hashmi who will next be seen in con-caper Raja Natwarlal directed by Kunal Deshmukh has earned the tag “hero of the masses” through the span of his career.Keeping true to the title, the actor interacted with his fans ,while shooting for his latest film ,by giving them a taste of a few tricks he will perform in the film.

While shooting for the film at a popular location in Charni Road, South Mumbai, Emraan entertained a few fans that gathered on the sets by performing a three-card trick he learnt from a professional card hustler.

Says a source, “A crowd had gathered at the location the team of Raja Natwarlal were shooting at and Emraan decided to put up an impromptu show by performing a few card tricks he has learnt for the film. Emraan spent around 30 minutes interacting with his fans post which they resumed shooting for the film”.

Says director Kunal Deshmukh, “Emraan is quite proficient at the game. People loved the tricks he showed them while we were shooting”

Raja Natwarlal is slated for release on August 29th 2014.​