Highlight Sony Entertainment Television – KBC – With CID team & Haider Cast

 Highlight Sony Entertainment Television – KBC – With CID team & Haider Cast

KBC Synopsis – On air date: September 24

The episode starts with the roll over contestant  Anju Khunte, from Raipur. She is the first girl in her area to graduate and land  a job and this was only possible because of her dad’s support. She and her husband live apart because of their jobs and haven’t been together for six months now.  With the money that she wins on KBC, she would like to build a new house for her in-laws, who are currently living in a very dilapidated house which can crumble anytime. Their family had also taken a few loans for marriage and education which she needs to pay off.

The next contestants to come on the hot seat is the CID team.  AB’s computer suddenly malfunctions and starts giving out illogical questions, making AB call out to the CID team for help. The CID team- ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Abhijeet and Dr. Salunke make a grand entry and of course solve the problem in a jiffy. AB invites Daya and ACP to come on the hotseat. The money which Daya and ACP will earn on KBC, will be going to a charity named Maharogi Sewa Samiti in Warora. Founded in 1948 by noted social activist, Baba Amte, it is a community rehabilitation centre for leprosy patients and the disabled from downtrodden sections of society.

AB asks CID team that it’s been 17 years since the they have been a part of this show, how do they all manage to be together for so long? To which ACP says that they all feel like an extended family. The CID team believes in working together and create no rifts and that’s the reason that since inception even their make-up rooms are together and till date make sure to have lunch together.  Daya adds saying that like any family you need a head, it doesn’t matter if  the head is wrong or right but you need a boss and that boss is ACP Sir. Salunke recites a poem for AB for his greatness and well-being.

Amidst the gameplay, AB requests ACP, Daya and Abhijeet to sing a song. Daya sings a special dedication too for AB from his movie Zameen. AB appreciates the team for their enthusiasm and the melodious voice they have. A funny moment takes place when AB asks the team to solve a case in their respective mother tongues. So ACP speaks in Marathi, Abhijeet in Bihari, Daya in Tulu and Dr. Salunke in Marwadi language. The entire audience and AB breaks into laughter.

Abhijeet and ACP get stuck in a question and use the Phone a friend lifeline. They call their co team member, Freddy. When Freddy gets a call from AB, he initially doesn’t recognizes AB’s voice and thinks that Daya and Abhijeet are playing a prank on him.  A moment of surprise takes place when Freddy realises the truth and is delighted to talk to AB.

KBC Synopsis – On air date: September 25

The episode starts with the entry of Neha and Aman from the yet to to be launched show Itti Se Khushi. The money which they will win on KBC will be given to Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals. AB asks them  about the show and how different Neha and Aman are from each other in reel life. Before the gameplay starts, Aman requests AB if he can stand next to him to see if they are of the same height. Neha gifts AB a card, which is a collage of his famous dialogues.

The next contestants are Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor who have come  to promote their upcoming movie ‘Haider’. The money they will earn on KBC will be given to the Prime Minister Relief Fund for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Shahid and Shraddha talk about the movie. AB who has previously worked with Shraddha earlier shares that he has never got a chance to work with Shahid. To which Shahid replies that he has never got the chance to work with him in movies which is why he keeps coming to the show to be in the same frame as him. Shraddha says that she is really nervous to be on KBC, inspite of having worked together earlier in the movie ‘teen patti’, it feels really amazing to be with AB on  this game show.

Once the 3 wise men are introduced by AB, one of the triguni,  Rajiv Makhani says that if there is any question related to fashion on how and what to wear, the question should be diverted to AB.  He also says that he have been eyeing AB’s jacket for  a long time and would like to take it once this episode ends.  To which Shahid replies that he already has the tailor waiting outside to alter it to his size as he has already decided to take it. In the middle of  the gameplay, Shahid introduces everyone to a skull which is also a friend of his in the movie. He recites a dialogue from his movie Haider.

AB asks Shahid and Shraddha about their experience  of working in Kashmir, for which they say that it is a really beautiful place with really sweet people and amazing food. AB shares his past, says when he used to be in Kashmir for a lot of movies, there were times when he had to do double shifts and travel from Srinagar to Phaelgam. AB also says that Kashmir is really a beautiful place and it has given him some really fond memories to cherish.

Shahid and Shraddha get stuck in a question and take the 3 wise men lifeline, Rajiv Makhini makes a special deal that once we answer the question they will request  Shahid to dance and Shraddha to sing. Shahid sportingly shakes a leg on the tunes of his latest hit ‘Bismil’ from his movie Haider. Shraddha also sings a song from the same movie.

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