Here’s how Ram Charan keep his fans happy!

Here’s how Ram Charan keep his fans happy!

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Ram Charan always admires the adulation and support of his fans and makes an effort to reach out to them in different ways.

The megastar takes time out from his busy schedule to meet and interact with his innumerable fans as often as possible and also appreciate the social work they do. As a token of appreciation, Ram and his father Chiranjeevi gives them personalised memorabilia too.

A source says, “Ram has close to 600 fan clubs across India. Interestingly, he meets them regularly and gives a speech every month in his hometown Hyderabad. His fans come in large numbers to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor.”

In fact, every year, the megastar also host an annual lunch or dinner for the presidents of these fan clubs to appreciate the work done by members of the clubs.

Ram says, “For me my fans are like my family. It’s my responsibility to keep them happy. I wish everyone rises to be a goodwill ambassador and contributes even in a small way to make a positive impact in the society.”