Hema Malini ushers in the true spirit of JANMASHTAMI with bhajan album launch at ISKCON!

Hema Malini ushers in the true spirit of JANMASHTAMI with bhajan album launch at ISKCON!

Hema Malini ushers in the true spirit of JANMASHTAMI with bhajan album launch at ISKCON!

Hema Malini

Hema Malini ushered in Janmashtami with the launch of her bhajan album ‘GOPALA KO SAMARPAN’ in the hallowed precincts of ISKCON in Juhu, Mumbai, on August 132017.  It also marks the coming together of Indian classical legends like Pandit Hari Prasad Chauasia, Kavi Narayan Agrawal, Rajan Sajan Mishra & Pandit Shivkumar Sharma specifically for the actress –parliamentarian Hema Malini.

Audio CD launch

Kavi Narayan Agrawal, Pandit Hariprasad Churasia, Suresh Wadkar, Shankar Mahadevan, Soordasji, Bhushanji, Actress Madhu, composer Anu Malik, were present on the dais to release the devotional album, in praise for Lord Krishna.

Hema Malini Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia and Shankar Mahadevan

Soon to be parents Esha Deol & Bharat Takhtani too came in support for the debut launch, as all the dignitaries were in awe of Hema Malini as she sang a bhajan from the album live in front of all Lord Krishna devotees. They complimented her for the devotional sentiments attached and her pitch perfect performance in front of a live audience. Even her Sanskrit shlokas came in for high praise for the clarity and diction.

Bharat Takthani and Esha Deol

Says Hema Malini “”The entire credit goes to Narayan Agarwal, a Krishna bhakt, who is known for bringing out the best of Jagjit Singh and Anup Jalota bhajans. When Narayanji asked me to sing 8 tracks for this album I was hesitant to sing as I am not a professional singer, and didn’t want to do anything in a  half hearted manner. But he insisted that I should listen to all the compositions first, before taking the final call”

Hema Malini with Esha Bharat and Narayan Agarwal

After hearing all the compositions she realized the importance of the album. She adds “You don’t get to share platform with legends like Pandit Jasraj ji, Hariparsadji, Rajan Sajan ji and Shiv Kumar Sharmaji that often. And when such stalwarts have composed the tunes, then it was a tremendous pressure on me to perform well. Besides every track is differently composed, keeping the mood and situations in mind. I also did riyaaz for 6 months”

She also said in a lighter tone“Everyone is becoming a singer here and releasing their album in Bollywood. But before anyone could comment and have doubts whether I have really sung in the album, I decided to sing live in front of the audience, as the devotional songs of praise came from inside my heart”.

Shankar Mahadevan is taking selfie with Hema Malini and Suresh wadkar

Poet Narayan Agarawal penned eight lyrics for this album. He has been a devotee of Lord Krishna and wanted Hema to be a part of this album. “Since the time, I heard her chanting Soundarya Lahiri in an album couple of years ago, I knew that she would sing bhajans beautifully. Her Sanskrit pronunciation is impeccable and that’s vital for any recitation”

All the 8 Bhajan tracks were recorded at Lata Mangeshkar’s studio in Mumbai suburbs. The music video has been choreographed by Bhusan Lakhandri.

8 Bhajan Tracks: ‘GOPALA KO SAMARPAN’

  1. Krishna Ki Preet by Pt Jasraj
  2. Na Radha Na Meera by Pt H Chourasia
  3. Palna Jhule Nand Gopal by Pt HC
  4. Nandlal Brijpal by Shiv Kumar
  5. Prem Kamal by Rajan Sajan Mishra
  6. Kar Kamlan Mein by Shiv Kumar Sharma
  7. Naino ki tum by Rajan Sajan Mishra
  8. Aisan Riji Mein by Pandit Jasraj