Headlines Today brings the most definitive opinion poll & Special analysis on the UPA’s last report card

Headlines Today brings the most definitive opinion poll & Special analysis on the UPA’s last report card

The special edition to focus on UPA Govt.’s performance in the 2nd term

New Delhi,  The Centre Stage show on Headlines today is all set to present the UPA Government’s report card for its 2nd term. The show to be aired at 9pm today will cast a special focus on the government’s achievements and failures and will be called UPA’s last report card. Today’s edition will be a precursor to the UPA-II govt. releasing its report card tomorrow before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The show will raise questions pertaining to the leadership of the govt. in its second term, if the govt. has succeeded or failed in its objectives and will try to source the judgment and belief of the people in the government.  The channel will present the most definitive opinion poll called as Headlines Today CVoter opinion poll. The poll will answer various pertinent questions on the present performance & as well as future of the UPA govt.

The poll will collect public opinion on questions like-

Does the country still have faith in Manmohan Singh’s leadership? [ IS SINGH STILL KING?]
Does the country hold him personally responsible for the scams in UPA-2 [UPA 2 = SCAMS?]
Or can he win a third straight term in 2014? (WILL THERE BE UPA-3 ?]
As UPA-2 completes 4 years in power, ( 4 YEARS OF UPA-2]
Headlines Today-CVoter bring you the most definitive opinion poll [ HEADLINES TODAY- C    VOTER OPINION POLL]

What will the Lok Sabha look like in 2014?

Does the NDA gain or lose by projecting Modi as its prime ministerial candidate?

Can Sheila Dikshit return to power for a fourth term?

The Highlight of the show will be the analysis of the performance of the present government and the controversies surrounding them along with the C voter opinion poll. The opinion poll will help to garner effective and true response from the public as their opinion counts the most. The answers will also help to gauge if the UPA Govt. has any chances of coming to power in straight third term.





The UPA’s tally is set to crash by 95 in the Lok Sabha elections for 2014, forecasts a Headlines Today-CVoter opinion poll. However, the biggest surprise is that the UPA’s loss is not automatically translating to big gains for the NDA. The Opinion Poll is also the first to gauge the impact of Narendra Modi on the fortunes of the main alliances in 2014.

The survey was conducted to gauge public opinion as the Manmohan Singh government completes its ninth year in power. The lion’s share of the seats would in fact be cornered by smaller parties which have not yet disclosed their cards. While this alternative front looks set to bag as many as 68 more seats, the NDA might just add 27 more seats to its 2009 tally.

The Opinion Poll suggests that projecting Narendra Modi as a the NDA’s candidate for PM, will lead to gains for the UPA, but it will almost double the advantage for the NDA. UPA will likely get 23 more seats and the NDA 41 if Modi is the NDA’s PM face. Infact the JD(U)’s own tally could drop to half in Bihar if it dumps NDA over Modi. And the BJP in Bihar can win 18 seats on its own if it does bite the bullet and project Modi.

Headlines Today-CVoter conducted the opinion poll between March and May 2013 among 1.2 lakh randomly selected people in 540 Lok Sabha segments. Among the UPA’s current allies, the Congress leads the downfall, losing 90 of the 206 seats it won in 2009. The NCP is losing 3 seats from its tally of 9 in 2009.

The BJP is emerging as the single biggest party with 137 seats, a jump of 21 from its total in 2009 with the Congress finishing second at 116.

Andhra Pradesh with its swing state status is set to desert the Congress for rebel leader Jagan Mohan Reddy. His YSR Congress is gaining 11 seats and TRS would win 11 more, the opinion poll predicts.

In Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi’s charm has faded in the intervening four years as the Congress is likely be reduced to 7 from 21. The biggest gainer is the ruling Samajwadi Party with 29 seats. Even the BJP is likely to boost its number by 4 while the BSP will add 7 seats to its kitty.

Maharashtra would also see a dip in the fortunes of the ruling Congress-NCP alliance in the state. It is likely to yield 7 seats as the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance might climb to 25 from 20.

Amma looks set to sweep the Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu as the ruling AIADMK would get a massive 30 seats, a gain of 21. The tally of DMK, which recently pulled out of the UPA, would nosedive from 18 in 2009 to a meagre 4.

If BJP and Janata Dal (United) continue to be friends, the alliance would retain its hold over Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party is likely to win 19 seats and its smaller partner in the state might get 11. The NDA thus seems to be losing 2 seats from 32 as Lalu Prasad Yadav’s recent Parivartan Rally might help Rashtriya Janata Dal improve its tally slightly to 7 seats.

However, despite odds Didi looks all set to improve Trinamool Congress’s tally in West Bengal. The opinion poll gave the ruling party 23 seats against its current tally of 19, which came as part of its alliance with Congress in 2009. The Left Front might get 15 seats, as the Congress’s tally was likely to come down to 3 from 6, while the BJP scored a duck.

The Congress’s thumping victory in the Karnataka Assembly polls would be followed by another big win in the general election as the opinion poll gave it 18 seats, a gain of 12. BJP might win 7 seats in the state against its tally of 19 in 2009.

Anti-incumbency factor also seems to be working against the Ashok Gehlot government as the Congress looks to be sinking in Rajasthan. The ruling party might win 8 seats against 20 in 2009, while the BJP is predicted to win 17 against 4 in 2009.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s continues to be popular in the central state as the ruling BJP would improve its tally to 19 from 16 out of the total 29 seats. The Congress is predicted to win 9 seats against its 2009 tally of 12.

Prime ministerial hopeful Narendra Modi would ensure the BJP’s emphatic victory in home state Gujarat, the opinion poll suggests. The party would better its tally by five seats taking its tally to 20, while the remaining seats might go to the Congress.

The BJP also looks set to end Sheila Dikshit’s domination in Delhi. The opinion poll gave the opposition BJP 6 seats against none in 2009, a big setback for the ruling Congress.

Moderated by Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal, the UPA’s Last Report Card airs at 9pm tonight on Headlines Today.