‘Hanki Panki’ to hold World Premiere at CANNES 2013

‘Hanki Panki’ to hold  World Premiere at CANNES 2013

Nileish Mlahotra, is holding the World Premiere of his first directorial English film ‘Hanki Panki’ at CANNES in the Short Film Corner section.  His first English Film ‘Hanki Panki’ as a Director, Lead Actor and one of the Producers, has been selected in ‘Cannes Film Festival’ in Short Film Corner. Comments he, “I am going for Cannes Film Festival for the first time. It had always been a dream to go to Cannes Film festival with my own film and finally this year my dream is coming true. One of our English film ‘Hanki Panki’, which I have Directed, Acted in a lead role and produced with my Partners Karyn Watt & Karen Havranek from Scotland,  has been selected in Cannes Film Festival 2013 in Short Film Corner. I know that this will be a great opportunity to interact with the world renowned Directors, Actors, writers and producers on this fantastic platform. It opens a huge vista of opportunities for us.”

He is one of the Producers and Director Actor of the film. Nileish Mlahotra directed and produced Hindi feature film ‘Monopoly’ is complete and ready for release this year. At present he is working on another international project as a Director and Actor. He has also Produced & Acted in ‘Mohre’.

As a versatile and experienced Actor he has acted in Hindi and English Feature Films under renowned Directors like Sir Richard Atten Borough in Gandhi, Nicholas Meyer in ‘the deceivers’ in English and Blondie Singh in ‘Bollywood in English’. He has played leading roles in ‘Door Door Paas Paas’ (shot in Germany), ‘Awara Zindagi’ ,’Police Station’ and ‘Kya Yehi Saach Hai’.

Details of the film in Cannes Film Festival(Short Film Corner)

Film    –         ‘Hanki Panki’

Director –       Nileish Malhotra

Production Companies  –  Malhotra Productions (Mumbai, India),  KaKaNi Ltd & K2   Films Ltd. (Scotland, U.K.)

Producers – Nileish Malhotra, Karyn Watt & Karen Havranek

Duration   –  35 Miniutes

Language –  English

Category   –  Fiction

Genre     –     Comedy/Drama


16 Danube Street Edinburgh 1nt Midlothan UK