Gujarat Health Minister Nitin Patel and ‘Friend of IIFA’ Jacqueline Fernandez inaugurate the Moor Park Lions Pediatric Centre in village outside Baroda

Gujarat Health Minister Nitin Patel and ‘Friend of IIFA’ Jacqueline Fernandez  

 inaugurate the Moor Park Lions Pediatric Centre in village outside Baroda

A joint venture between UK-based Lions Club and US philanthropists, Drs Kiran and Pallavi Patel saw the launch of the Moor Park Lions Pediatric Centre, in a village 40 kms away from Baroda. The children’s wing of the  Chhotubhai A Patel Hospital managed by Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust was today inaugurated by the  Honorable Health Minister – Shri Nitinbhai Patel and cine star, Jacqueline Fernandez in Mota Fofalia, Sinor Taluka.

The Pediatric Centre has been funded by Lions Club of Moor Park, UK with matching contribution by Drs. Kiran Patel and Pallavi Patel, Dr. Dinesh Patel and Mr. Pradip Patel. In recognition of the contribution by the Lions Club, the philanthropic Patel family named the newly-opened hospital, “Moor Park Lions Pediatric Centre”.

The Chhotubhai A Patel Hospital is managed by the Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust in collaboration with Arogy and Parivar Kalyan Kendra, Government of Gujarat and has provided medical services for the last 18 years. The dedicated trustees and their team have imparted medical aid to over 4,50,000 outdoor patients (average 90 per day), 1,30,000 Indoor patients (average 30 per day) and in-house maternity mothers – 700 deliveries per year (95% normal delivery), 62,750 eye check-ups and 7,766 cataract operations, 14,369 minor surgeries, 3802 major surgeries and 17,678 emergency cases (average 187 per month).

Native to Mota Fofalia and currently residing overseas, Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel, Dr. Dinesh Patel, Pradip Patel with the local leadership of Mr Jeetendra Patel have been providing modern medical facilities to the rural areas in Gujarat.

On the occasion of the launch, the President of the Lions Club of Moor Park, Mr Shirish Amin said, “Our members are proud to be associated with this dream project of addressing infant mortality and ensuring a healthy life for children in rural India”.

Cine star Jacqueline, who has been involved with several projects under the aegis of international charities, said, ” It is a joy to see people of Indian origin going out of their way to contribute to challenges faced by their home country. I especially congratulate the Patel family for being an example that we hope other NRIs will follow”.

The pediatric hospital will greatly benefit the locals including the residents of Shinor, Dabhoi, Karjan, Nadod, Tilakwada, Dadiwada, Sagbera, Zaghadia, Valia and Netrang of the Bharuch district, and also the tribals of Chota Udaipur and eastern belt.

Located amidst lush greenery, the hospital is complete with modern-day facilities including deluxe and special rooms, medical facilities for premature and malnourished children, life support-systems, 24X7 ICU units with oxygen systems, NICU/ TICU as well as trained medical staff on-hand at all hours of the day.

Interestingly, Drs Pallavi and Kiran Patel are also the hosts of the IIFA Weekend and Awards to be held in Tampa, Florida in June 2014. Supporting the initiative, leading Events and Activation agency, Wizcraft International has donated incubators towards the safety of newborns.