Guess whose a hit with the Delhi aunties ?

Guess whose a hit with the Delhi aunties ?

Arjun Kapoor who is currently shooting in Delhi for R.Balki’s Ki And Ka, was recently in for a pleasant surprise when over 40, 35+ year old ladies gathered on the sets to meet him.

Arjun who was recently shooting in a residential complex in main Delhi city ,was the center of attention when the ladies from all the flats in the complex collectively waited on the sets for over 2 hours until the actor was done with his shot.

The entire crew was amused ,when the ladies constantly asked them when the shoot of the day would wrap up so that they could meet Arjun. 

Apart from interacting with a few in between shots, Arjun also spent time with the group of ladies after the shoot wrapped up .They spoke at length and requested for selfies ,however, the actor graciously refused as he was in the film’s get-up.

He did however talk to them about his role of being a progressive househusband and asked the lovely housewives for tips and inputs. He completely charmed the ladies ,who even got him home cooked food the next day, as he even mentioned to them his favorite food.

Arjun Quote
Yes I injured my finger on the set of Ki and Ka n got a few stitches on set but I didn’t think that was any reason to reschedule dates or disrupt the shoot as a lot of planning is involved in the entire process.We have been covering the bandage with makeup and the injury is healing now but these things are part n parcel of film making.