Guess which water Salman Khan trusts?

We all love the Dabaang Salman Khan. After Bigg Boss 5, and the recent success of his films Sallu miya’s ranking and popularity has increased several fold. Salman Khan is the undisputed King of Bollywood or Bollywood Badshah as he is referred to by many. Besides a very rigorous fitness routine, Salman Khan maintains a strict diet. And guess which water the macho Khan or bhai trusts? One of the brands that Salman swears by is Mulshi Springs.

Mulshi Springs natural spring water is the only internationally certified natural spring water from India. Salman only counts on Mulshi Springs to rejuvenate and rehydrate his system.

Hanging around the sets of Bigg Boss 5, we noticed one constant in bhai’s routine – his bottle of Mulshi Springs natural spring water.

Well must say, Mulshi Springs must be really proud to have such a loyal fan. We asked Naveen Luthra of Mulshi Springs what he thought about Sallu’s love for his ‘special water’.  Pat came the reply, “I did not know Salman Khan is so fond of Mulshi Springs – natural spring water. If I did know earlier, I would have sent him a complimentary year’s supply. Henceforth, I will ask my guys to make sure that Salman has the water delivered to his house or on the sets of his films.”



Mulshi Springs is obtained naturally and bottled directly at source without any processing or artificial flavouring. It is sourced from the biological hotspot of the Sahayadri ghat region about 100 kilometers away from Lonavala.

India is proud to boast of a world-renowned brand like Mulshi Springs. According to Gayot, Mulshi Springs is the only water in the world sourced from a biological hotspot, the purest area on Earth, Mulshi Springs is the only Indian water which meets all U.S., European Union, and other international water standards. The source of Mulshi Springs is approximately 1,500,000 years old located in the Sayhadri Mountains of India, far removed from civilization in a pollutant-free region 600 meters above sea level in the heart of Indian rain forests. The spring is filtered through natural elements which protect the water from harmful bacteria and ensure the water’s integrity.

Mulshi Springs is an internationally acclaimed water sourced and produced in India. It is the only Indian fine water which is 100 per cent pesticide free.