Grand Show of Icons and Classics at Royal Mumbai yacht Club !

The Royal Mumbai Yacht Club presented Gary Richardson’s Icons and Classics.  Highlights were Alyque Padamsee performing Shylock from Merchant of Venice and Sabira Merchant as Lady Macbeth; Stand-Up Comedian Gary Richardson had the audience laughing at Bollywood and Indian politicians.  The show-stopper was the Mumbai debut of Kolkata singer Nabanita Chakraborty.  She had the House Full audience clapping to classics Ajeeb Daastan Hai Yeh and Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Deewana.  Actors Shazahn Padamsee, Rushmi Pitre, Imam Siddique and Keith Stevenson; director Qusar Padamsee and fashion designer Aartivijay Gupta had a Classic Night.,