Govt rebuilds infrastructure in flood-ravaged J&K in record time to revive tourism

Govt rebuilds infrastructure in flood-ravaged J&K in record time to revive tourism

Undertakes extensive nation-wide campaign and social media blitz  to attract  tourists to the “paradise on  earth” Concerted efforts lead to occupancy in 99% hotels in Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi,Jammu and Kashmir, which witnessed ravaging floods last year, is limping back to normalcy with the state opening up all again to tourists in a record time of three months, bringing a sigh of relief to all those wished to explore the scenic beauty of the northernmost Indian state.

Floods hit the state in September last year, bringing the state to a complete halt, especially Srinagar. Tourism is the mainstay of the people of the state, and it was badly affected in the aftermath of floods that incurred huge losses to the state exchequer to the tune of Rs one lakh crore.

The state machinery was fast enough to deal with the natural disaster and bring the tourism industry back on track. Roads and infrastructure problems were taken up on priority basis and they were rebuilt to allow the traffic to flow smoothly. Clean water for tourists was another challenge which has been surmounted. All the hotels in affected areas now has ample amount of clean drinking water.

“After the natural calamity which did so much damage, reviving tourism was a difficult job. However, as we knew tourism is the lifeline of the state, it was important to revive it no matter how impossible it seemed. But our conviction and the support from the people of the state made it a reality, that too in a record time of three months. We are very proud to say that 99% hotels in Jammu and Kashmir are back in business,” said Mr Talat Parvez, Director, Tourism Kashmir, and Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

The hotels in flood-hit areas sought re-registration, which were granted after through inspections. After a span of one-and-a-half month, hotels and cars were partially operational which now in due course of time have become fully operational.

The Department of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir has been holding road shows and exhibitions across the country to let people know that conditions are now absolutely favouable for the tourists to visit the state. It has conducted the exhibitions and roadshows in Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi so far and plans to do the same at other places, including in Kolkata and Mumbai.

The department is also running on its YouTube channel clips of recent tourists to the state and their experiences with an aim to build confidence among other people who want to visit the state.