Govinda thanks Farah Khan for helping him at the beginning of his career

Govinda thanks Farah Khan for helping him at the beginning of his career 

Govinda with Madhuri Dixit on the sets of Dance Deewane

Bringing the best dancers of the country to the forefront across all three generations, COLORS’ Dance Deewane will present its top 24 contestants this weekend. Taking the Deewangi and entertainment quotient a notch higher at the grand premiere will be Bollywood’s comedy king Govinda.

With the episode being dedicated to Govinda, the viewers will witness the contestant’s high voltage performance on some of his famous tracks. One such performance that touched Govinda was Gopal Patro’s performance on ‘Street Dancer’.Gopal Patro is a third-generation contestant who is also the only bread earner of his family who is fighting all odds to fulfil the basic needs of his family. Even though his family is going through a hard time, Gopal’s kids supported his father to pursue his passion for dance and participate in Dance Deewane.

Govinda on the sets of Dance Deewane

Govinda, who is known for his dancing skills, was awestruck by Gopal’s performance and motivated Gopal to pursue his passion for dance. After hearing about Gopal and his family’s struggles, Govinda was quite moved and reminisced about his initial acting days. Govinda mentioned that ‘Street Dancer’ was the first song of his film career. He also revealed that Farah Khan had helped him a lot during this phase as because of her he was able to learn the dance moves and complete the shoot in 15 days.

Govinda with the Judges and host of Dance Deewane

Commenting on this, Govinda said, “When I saw Javed Jaffrey dancing for the first time I was astonished by his amazing dance moves. At that moment I thought that how would I be able to achieve something like this. That’s when I asked Farah Khan to help me, she used to have tape recorder that time so I asked her if I can borrow that to practice and she instantly agreed to help. It was very kind of her to be there for me at that time and I am still very thankful to her and would  thank her again for supporting me in my initial days.”

Gopal also requested him to give an autograph and Govinda happily fulfilled his request. He also  advised him to be honest in life because honest people always find success.

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