Government and Citizens come together to spread the Green Cover across Maharashtra

Government and Citizens come together to spread the Green Cover across Maharashtra 

Government and Citizens come together to protect Biodiversity.

Under the guidance of the Finance & Planning, Forest Minister of Maharashtra, Sudhir Mungantiwar special initiatives were undertaken in order to celebrate special days that are overlooked by most masses. The celebration of these days has been taken into consideration by the government to raise awareness among students and people of the nation to protect and preserve the environment.

The Plantation Drive event which is the flagship event by the Forest Department of Maharashtra, was executed by World Wide Open to cultivate areas that have been barren and to spread the Green Cover across Maharashtra, they aim to create a spread of 50Crore plants across the state, thereby increasing the nature and making Maharashtra a greener state. Recently, many citizens took part in this event and put their best foot forward to increase the count of plants. The drive was very well executed by WWO, everybody who was a part of this drive was extremely happy and engulfed with this generous initiative to expand the flora.

The CEO of World Wide Open, Mr. Arun Mehra said, “We are extremely proud and overwhelmed by the response that has come to the plantation drive. It is a very proud feeling to receive more than our set goals. We are very happy to be selected as the organization which organised this event that aimed at helping the environment and at spreading awareness about protection of the environment.”

The head of Project office of the Minister of Finance & Planning, Forests, the Government of Maharashtra, Dr. Dhairya Roy said, “This initiative is the brainchild of Hon’ble Finance & planning, Forests Minister Shri Sudhir Mungantiwar and We could easily execute it because of the clarity provided by him and support given by the Forest secretary. It gives us immense pleasure to organise events that are for the welfare of the environment and that spread knowledge to the citizens of the country. I personally feel that awareness regarding issues like these is extremely important to be spread amongst everyone, since, these are sensitive issues and if the citizens of the nation don’t look after their habitat who will? And it is our duty as members of the government to put these issues in limelight and help everyone become acquainted with them.”

“It is important for people to understand the importance of conservation. There is no better way to spread awareness about conservation than to involve citizens themselves. Events like plantation drive help in achieving this objective. This unique initiative was started a few years back and with the support it has garnered and success it has achieved is overwhelming. Also at an individual level it gives me immense pleasure to be able to give back to the nature that has given us so much. Eventually our future is in our hands whether we want to destroy it or to conserve it.” Said Chief Conservator of Forests Thane (Territorial) R.S Kadam

There have been several other days that have been organised by the higher authorities, one of them being the National Tiger Day. This day was recognised for the first time in 2016, and it turned out to be a huge success, Nagpur was recognised as the Tiger Capital of India. Awareness regarding the protection of tigers was also shared.

These initiatives are the stepping stones to achieving the welfare and conservation of the environment.