Golden era of ‘Raja Shivchattr​apati’ now on life-size screen…

Golden era of ‘Raja Shivchattr​apati’ now on life-size screen…

A film byNitin Chandrakant Desai under the banner ofIconic Chandrakant Productions Pvt Ltd on the life of the MarathaKing

Shivaji Maharaj whoadvocated the ideology of Hindavi swarajya is now to be seenon the big screen from April 13, 2012.

Creatinga movie on this great warrior king who first bought ‘GuerrillaWarfare’ technique was only meant for the big screen. Keeping inmind with the overwhelming response of the viewers and to bring our heroon big screen, Iconic Chandrakant Productions Pvt. Ltd (ICPPL) islaunching this magnificent movie.

Talkingon the launch, Mr Nitin Chandrakant Desai said, “Since my school days Iwas always fascinated by Shivaji Maharaj and asan artist he has always inspired me.”

ShivajiMaharaj is well-known for his compassionate attitude towards his people.He believed that there should be a close bond between the state and thecitizens. Shivaji is noted for his strong religious and warrior codeof ethics and exemplary character displayed during his long military career. Healways showed respect, defended and protected houses of worship,non-combatants, women and children of all denominations and religion. He foughtagainst the tyranny of Mughal ruler for the freedom of hisnation. Therefore a large screen movie can only give the justice tothis great warrior.

“Watchingthe movie on big screen gives a complete different and hair-raising experience toeach individual. It was a mammoth task for us to bring this largesize movie. We have used advance technology and equipments to keep thegrandness alive in the movie like usage of red cameras and lateraddition of dolby digital sound, colour corrections, graphics, tomention few,” said Mr Nitin Chandrakant Desai

Due tothe efforts of action director Ravi Diwan, director Hemant Deodhar and VijayRane, costume designer Neeta Lulla and Poornima Oak, DOP Nirmal Jani and YogeshJani, creative director Prashant Khedekar, sound designer Vijay Bhope and RashiButte and many more, were successful to get the people on edge. The struggle ofMarathas was well expressed in the movie with support of the deep strong voiceof Nana Pathekar.

‘Raja Shivchattrapati’,the film includes eight major incidences of Shivaji which created history likeBirth of Shivaji, oath taken for Hindiva Swarajya at Rohideshwar temple, defeatof Afzal Khan, siege of Panhala by Siddi Jauhar, battle of Pavan Khind, attackon Shaista Khan, arrest in Agra and escape andCoronation. The defeat of Afzal Khan by Shivajiportrays the risk taking attitude and intelligence of the great warrior king.

The excellent acting,hi-definition sound, apt action and huge sets will certainly take theaudience to ‘Shiv Era’ inspiring the millions of youngstersand educating them about our history.