Goan Pharma launches ‘Denpap’, herbal syrup For Dengue treatment in Maharashtra

Goan Pharma launches ‘Denpap’, herbal syrup For Dengue treatment in Maharashtra

Goan Pharma Private Limited a company based in Porvorim Goa; engaged in the business of discovering and developing herbal medicines – has found a remedy for the treatment of dengue in the form of a syrup named ‘Denpap’. Today the pharmaceutical company has launched ‘Denpap’ in the state of Maharashtra.

The Managing Director, Dr. (Ms.) Maria Carina Cordeiro, says “The product Denpap is safe and extremely useful in the treatment of dengue. It has been tested and proven pre-clinically & clinically to improve platelet count. The ministry of Ayush has given the required approval for manufacturing & sale of Denpap”


She further quoted “Dengue, a mosquito borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus; is the most common vector borne disease worldwide. Year on year this killer disease in increasing in proportions and the number of people infected and lives lost”.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are approx. 100 million dengue infections every year worldwide. In India there has been an average of 20,474 cases every year. The country has reported 132 deaths since 2007 because of Dengue. The state of Maharashtra is one of the most affected states by Dengue in the country. In 2014, 659 confirmed cases of Dengue have been reported in the city of Mumbai and an additional 962 people were suspected suffering from Dengue. 10 deaths have been reported in the city because of Dengue in 2014.

About the Company:

Goan Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in developing Herbal Medicines. The medicinal value of plants is due to the chemical substances that produce a specific biological action on the human body. These healing and pharmacological properties provide an outstanding benefit and therapeutics for various diseases. This company is embarked upon to provide quality product ensuring that these organic and efficient products deliver complete customer satisfaction and natural relief.