GMN launches its new jewellery line The Doyenne

GMN launches its new jewellery line The Doyenne

After years helping build brands for others, Gauri is now embarking on a journey to create her own. Gauri Malhotra Narang and her multifaceted eponymous jewellery line ‘GMN’ has been a project of passion many years in the making which is now finally being brought to life.

GMN – The Brand

The royal affair between exquisite design and pristine quality reveals the true essence of GMN. The founder and creative evangelist, Gauri Malhotra Narang is a talented entrepreneur, who brings avant-garde creations to the world of jewellery. After having spent close to 10 years working with luxury brands she is breathing life into her ‘passion project’. GMN is resurrecting the concept of a limited edition bijouterie, much like it was before jewellery started being mass produced. The essence of the brand is to pay homage to the modern woman. Each intricately carved bijou, made of sterling silver and plated in 24 carat gold, is never repeated. Handpicked semi-precious gems sourced from different countries, along with colourful American diamonds shower the unapologetically contemporary arrangements.

“Jewellery is identity revealed in style” – Gauri Malhotra Narang

The Artistry

Exquisite Indian craftsmanship is the cornerstone of GMN. Skilled artisans bring GMN’s novel oeuvres to life by carefully interpreting each design and rendering the utmost consideration to quality. Every piece is finished to perfection with strict attention to colour, shape and detail. The blend of classic craftsmanship and nouveau designs give the brand a layered personality.

The Design

The designs by GMN are an extension of Gauri – intriguing, unpredictable and multifaceted. Inspired by divergent aspects of human psychology, the collections are an eclectic yet classic mix. With no two ornaments being the same, GMN’s designs celebrate the different unique styles of the modern woman. Enamel, colourful semi-precious stones and American diamonds garnish the maverick pieces. Every collection illustrates a distinctly different psyche and is brought to life by a select team of designers and artisans.

The Quality

Gauri has carefully chosen her technical team. To ensure standards are maintained, she has invested her time and energy into researching and developing her sourcing and production methods. Each striking piece promises a long-term relationship with the collector. Creations from this design house are meant to stay magnificent!

Consistency in Variation

Extremely limited production allows GMN to retain its exclusivity. The unwavering excellence comes from a commitment to oneself and an unending endeavour to maintain an untarnished reputation. GMN creates masterpieces for connoisseurs of quality.

The Experience

Step into the GMN inner sanctum and you’re transported to an emotionally charged environment. A surreal space where time stands still and you are able to enjoy the process of romancing jewellery, uninterrupted by the outside world. Invited by appointment only, into the sophisticated space influenced by the GMN lifestyle, you meet the creator who will unravel the story of the exquisite ornaments that lie before you.

Speaking about the brand, Gauri, says, “I am nervous and excited to finally launch GMN. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. There is clear thought behind each product. Each collection tells a story and has its own soul. My very first – ‘The Doyenne’ is a tribute to the noble, majestic and resplendent Queen in every woman.”

The Doyenne

Queen Victoria was instrumental in Britain’s industrial expansion and economic progress and has an entire Era named after her. ‘The Doyenne’ by GMN is a journey back in time to the epoch of imperial bliss. The collection is an expression of a woman’s command and prowess. The designs use enamel and are embellished with colourful stones and American diamonds giving each creation a regal appearance. Such vintage origins combined with contemporary designs – the result can be nothing short of alluring.