GlacialTech Unveils Brand New R15 Igloo Pad Series

GlacialTech Unveils Brand New

               R15 Igloo Pad Series


                                                           – Ergonomic design and anti-slip rubber pads provide convenient optimal screen viewing and typing-


 New Delhi, India– GlacialTech’s latest R15 Igloo Pad series with expandable USB port comes with the newest innovations. The feature packed R15 Igloo pad series supports all notebooks sized up to 15.6 inches. R15 Igloo Pad Series are the best alternatives to disseminate the heat out of your laptop/notebook. Its expandable USB port feature provides it a hassle free ease of connectivity and the cable holder provides convenient cable storage.

Weighing 760 g only, the newest R15 Igloo Pad series feature an ergonomic design that provides typing comfort as well as optimal viewing on the laptop screen simultaneously. The anti-slip rubber pad prevents the notebooks from sliding over and its 160mm diameter fan which is installed under the metal grid provides effective cooling for laptops.


Designed to transcend the typical issues that plague laptop coolers, the R15 Igloo Pad utilizes a massive 160mm fan that pulls heat away from the base of the laptop, extracting the hot air for better circulation and dissipation within the computer casing. The cooler fan features a maximum speed of airflow at a rate of 65 CFM emitting a light breeze that is directed towards your hands to keep them cool when working or playing under pressure.

Key Features

l  Supports 15.6-inch notebook and below

l  Expandable USB port so not to lose connectivity.

l  Ergonomic design – sits at an angle providing comfort when typing as well as optimal viewing of the laptop screen.

l  Anti-slip rubbers prevent the notebook from sliding.

l  16cm diameter fan installed under the metal grid providing effective cooling for laptops.

l  Cable holder provides convenient cable storage.



Dimension (mm) 390 x 310 x 49mm Fan Dimension (mm) 160 x 160 x 15mm
USB Port USB2.0/1.1 Fan Rated Voltage (V) DC 5V
Material ABS Fan Speed (rpm) 1000 (+/-200)
Weight (gram) 760g Fan Air Flow Rate (CFM) 65
Safety CE, FCC, RoHS Fan Noise (dBA) 20


Pricing and Availability: The latest R15 Igloo Pad from GlacialTech is available at a price of INR 1,402.15 (w/o Tax) with the authorized distributors in India.