Gharwale pay a heavy prize for discussing nomination!

Gharwale pay a heavy prize for discussing nomination! – Bigg Boss 11 synopsis – Day 56

All the contestants together in Bigg Boss 11

Weekend Ka Vaar came as a surprise to all Bigg Boss 11 viewers as the most dignified, mature and graceful contestant among the lot, Hiten Tejawani left the premises in a shocking eviction! While Hiten’s grounded nature will be missed in the house, it is time for gharwale to tackle each other on their own!

Coming to iss hafte’s nominations, Bigg Boss gives a strict lesson to the contestants for breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. Contestants try to outsmart Bigg Boss by discussing nominations in a code language. But it is impossible to fool the boss and in a bid to give a life lesson, Bigg Boss nominates everyone for eviction, except for 1 person who followed the rules!

Akash Dadlani in Bigg Boss 11

All contestants are shown a clipping of fellow contestants discussing their nomination choice. Akash Dadlani gets a shock of his life as he sees his best friend ‘Begum’ Arshi Khan plotting against him. Akash lashes out at Arshi and repeatedly asks her that how she could betray their friendship just for the sake of getting of rid of eviction. He also taunts her by singing different songs on betrayal. He goes on to break all ties with Arshi Khan and makes it very clear to her that he does not need any fake friends standing by him in the Bigg Boss house. The day only gets worst for Akash as he gets an earful from Bigg Boss as well as the remaining contestants for breaking the rules of the house.

After Hiten’s shocking exit, all the remaining celebrities in the house have raised their guards as they are aware of the fact that the tables can turn any minute in Bigg Boss 11.

Who is the only contestant safe from nomination this week?