Ghanasingh Be True’s Celebration of 110 years in an iconic James Bond way

Ghanasingh Be True’s Celebration of 110 years in an iconic James Bond way

Jewellery brand, Ghanasingh Be True renowned for modern and innovative design celebrated their 110th Anniversary in a grandiose James Bond style. This brand known for its never ending quest for perfection paid tribute to their 110 years of legacy by hosting a grand function at their Ghanasingh Be True Salon with an edge of chic and glamour.
The theme was a fitting acknowledgment to their internationally matched style and refinement that are synonymous with the brand. Ghanasingh Be True jewellery creatively interprets its elegance, unmatched craftsmanship, global approach and is a perfect symbol of eternity.

The event saw the gracious presence of the glitterati of Mumbai like Tara Sharma, Evelyn Sharma,
Rashmi Uday Singh, Sangeeta Singh,
Gauri Malhotra  Narang
 Maheka Mirpuri, 
Nisha Jamwal,Amy Billimoria,
Neeta Lulla,
Bina & Talat Aziz, Naved & Sayeda Jaffery ,
Mona Narang, Prashant Sharma, Gauri Malhotra Narang, Vinit Kakkar & Kavita Verma. Just as Bond, who is known for being the pinnacle of timeless sophistication that the world can connect to, Ghanasingh Be True has built upon its reputation as a leading jewellery brand with a legacy of 110 years that has evolved with each passing era and continues to cater to the taste appealing to the 3rd and 4th generation of their many clients. The Elated owner of Ghanasingh Be True Salon, Gautam Ghanasingh, proudly said, “Ghanasingh Be True celebrated 110 years of sharp, chic and international designing ability and craftsmanship with a theme – James Bond.
The new jewellery pieces perfectly captured the essence of Bond and paid homage to our ability to modernize, evolve and grow in sophistication, and that is the key to its endurance and permanence. My wife Krishaa, my family and me are extremely happy to see so much eternal support from our dear ones. We really felt humbled by everyone’s gracious presence and hope we continue to cater every style at every age”.
Krishaa Ghanasingh,Bina Aziz, Gautam Ghanasing,Talat Aziz, Sayeda &Naved Jaffery

This James Bond themed celebration at the Ghanasingh Be True new jewellery salon would be a month long majestic saga of perpetual designs and poise that transcends across generations and sexes. There are many interactive activities planned and outlined for the clients and interesting prizes to acquire on purchases including 110 % discount on making charges.