Get Set for World Class Sporting Action This Weekend in Mumbai…

Get Set for World Class Sporting Action This Weekend in Mumbai…


The JSW Indian Squash Circuit presents the Otters International JSW ISC 2016

Otters Club, 29th Sept – 2nd Oct

In its ongoing endeavor to promote Squash in India, the JSW Indian Squash Circuit (ISC) presents the Otters International JSW ISC 2016 to be held at the prestigious Otters Club, Mumbai from 29th Sept to 2nd Oct.

This, highest prize money (US $35,000) W35 Women’s Tournament, is supported by the JSW Group and will feature some of the best women squash players from the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour; with confirmed participation of 4 players from the Top 20 in the World including India’s Joshana Chinappa (World No 11) and Dipika Pallikal (world No 17).

Set up in 2014 and promoted by Ritwik Bhattacharya, 5 times National Squash Champion and the first Indian to break into top 50 of the PSA World Rankings in 2006 and Raj Arora, the Indian Squash Circuit’s primary objectives have been to:

Raise the awareness of the sport by the professional delivery of Squash Tournaments in India that match the international standards of excellence,

Support Indian professional players gain valuable World Class experience at home and improve their ranking points without having to incur large spends on travelling abroad; something that was always a BIG challenge in Ritwik’s playing days,

Showcase the Sport at a more meaningful scale in India, attracting both fresh talent as well as sponsors for the Circuit with a long term view to enhance the quality of participation in its tournaments,

Conduct several camps under the aegis of ISC at various locations with the objective of equipping more juniors with skills besides enthusing them to engage with the Circuit as volunteers, spectators and students of the game.

“I’m very happy to see the Indian Squash Circuit (ISC) continue to grow in its 3rd year. A BIG thank you to all our sponsors, the PSA community & the entire organising team for making this possible.” said Ritwik – ​PSA Representative for Asia & Promoter – Indian Squash Circuit.

Adds Tournament Promoter Raj Arora of Ivy Sports “In line with our vision to take Squash to a more meaningful scale, this year the JSW Indian Squash Circuit has put together a USD 35000 event, the highest prize money Women’s PSA Tournament in India. We are extremely grateful to our sponsor, the JSW Group for their continued support and are delighted to have K. Raheja Corp on board as associate sponsor.”

Mustafa Ghouse, CEO, Jindal Sports said “ The endeavour is to get Indian professionals and aspiring professionals get a certain level of competition and gain valuable ranking points. You can train as much as you want but need that competition to be able to evaluate your progress. We are delighted to support the circuit and pleased with the results it continues to deliver.”

Acknowledging the stellar work done by the ISC, Professional Sports Association (PSA) Chief Executive Alex Gough said,​”Since it’s conception in 2014 the Indian Circuit has grown considerably year on year and we’re delighted to see that once again everyone involved in the circuit has stepped up the level for 2016, staging two huge events in Mumbai. These events give young Indian players the platform to perform on the biggest stage as well as helping attract the biggest stars in the game to compete in the region and promote the sport in the best possible way.”​

The ISC will follow up this tournament with another biggie – The CCI International JSW ISC 2016 which will the biggest Men’s event ever done by the Indian Squash Circuit to be held at Cricket Club of India (CCI) from 24th to 27th November and will have the participation of some of the best men’s players on the PSA World Tour.

Talking about Otters International JSW ISC 2016 Tournament, the first ever PSA tournament to be held at the prestigious Otters Club, the Club President Mr. Mustafa Arsiwala said, “Otters Club is hosting a PSA event for the first time in the history of the club and it is a very proud moment for us. After the successfully concluded squash nationals, we are looking forward to the start of this important event.”

We seek your support for the above Tournaments especially the Otters International JSW ISC 2016 Tournament(29th Sep – 2nd Oct).