German Model Claudia Ciesla – NOW DONS A PUNJABI AVATAR

Claudia Ciesla, the German model who rose to fame withher participation in Bigg Boss 3 will soon be seen in a Punjabi movie.

The movie is set to release soon but this gorichhori will now be heard speaking Punjabi language. She was though not muchskilled in Hindi yet she learned the language. “Language was the biggestbarrier when I came here,” she says. “In the Big Boss house it was a rule tospeak in Hindi and I was often sent to in-house jail for breaking that rule.But when I came out, I hired a professional Hindi tutor and took coaching for ayear.” So now does she speak Hindi fluently? Positive! “I talk to my maid in Hindi! Now I can speak in Hindifluently. I love the language, it’s a sweet one.”

The starlet has been doing couple of others things aswell, some social work, some dance, some shows and now that her movie is up forrelease the excitement doesn’t cease. As this diva dons a bright Punjabi suitwith the traditional parandi in her hair and with a bold beautifulattitude sets the tongue rolling to deliver the dialogues in Punjabi, it isonly going to be like an icing on the cake!

The movie named “Yaar Pardesi” is a story of two girls, who have just landed in Punjab, one is NRI Punjabigirl and the other is a Canadian. It’s supposedly full of comedy. The moviewith Claudia as the lead will release soon.