Geeta Nair & Lenin Xavier win Awards at 3rd Dada Saheb Phalke Film festival 2013.

Geeta Nair & Lenin Xavier win Awards at 3rd Dada Saheb Phalke Film festival 2013.


After years of being in a marriage, Vasudha suddenly realizes that her husband is having an affair. When she confronts him, she learns realizes that he is utterly bored with her and he is yearning for an outlet. Unable to rationalize or justify his adulterous fling, her husband desperately tries to evade her accusations and ends up asking her to be broadminded and instead opt for a more liberal outlook in life. Infact he goes on to suggest to her, to explore her sensuality and experiment by being in an affair with a younger man just like he is in an affair with a younger woman.

At this, Vasudha asks the very basic question. Something that women down the ages have always questioned the keepers of social order, as to why a woman who after being solemnized into a marriage ends up tethered to a man with a mangal-sutra around her neck. A totem that displays her eternal love and loyalty towards her husband and binds her into norms of loyalty and family. Whereas a man does not need any such imposition by the law keepers of the society.

Snubbed and hurt by his indifference and audacity she is heartbroken and tries to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity, when she meets Nihar. A young man, a street graffiti artist and a carefree soul, who is also Vasudha’s only daughter Nilu’s best friend.

Vasudha connects with Nihar almost instantly. She finds in him a simple carefree man who reminds her of the innocence she once had.

There is a fine line between love and attachment, no matter how hard she tries to maintains her cohesion with her family. She is not only misunderstood by her own daughter but also finds her husband pointing accusingly at her character.

Vasudha, which also means ‘The Mother’ is an oblique reference to Godess Sita who eventually had to prove her sanctity and love towards her own family and her faltering husband by undergoing a tribulation by fire.


GEETA NAIR as Vasudha

SURESH NAIR as Gautam,  AADARSH as Nihar,  GOURI NAMBIAR as Nilu,  and SWETA NAIR as Nikita.


Started his writing career with ‘Reporter’, A critically acclaimed show directed by Vinod Pande.
Went on to write several 1 hour short films for Zee TV and Star Plus. Namely Rishtey, X-Zone and Kagaar.

Recognized for his screenplay and dialogues for the notable series ‘Haqeeqat’, A Docu-Drama based on true cases of human rights violations in India. A show hosted by Sh. Mahesh Bhatt. Formerly on air on Sahara TV.

Dialogue writer for mainstream films like Murder, Rog, Nazar and Shashi Ranjan’s acclaimed film – Dobaara.

Despite being a North Indian, who cannot read, write or understand the Malayalam language.
It is only to see and believe as he makes his debut with this Malayalam feature film.


One of the most prolific Music Directors in Southern India.

Winner of several Filmfare Awards and numerous high profile state awards as a lyricist and Music Director, Today Mr. Kaithapram has over a hundred films to his credit as a lyricist, composer, music director, storywriter and has recently forayed into film Direction. Mr. Kaithapram is a complete artist considered and acknowledged as a prized treasure of the Kerala Film industry.


Sibling of Thomas Xavier, the national award-winning cameraman. Started as his assistant to evolve into a stylish and an experimentative Cinematographer. Lenin has his own unique style and perspective towards film photography.

For VASUDHA he attempts successfully to experiment with light and shades, making certain that the film retains an off- beat quality as well as displays as mass appeal typical of Malayalam cinema nowadays


Almost all the technicians are from Mumbai film world and have come together to pay tribute to the art of Malayalam Cinema.

PRODUCED BY : Geeta Nair

Geeta Nair started her career as a theatre activist right
since her post graduation days from Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi. Recognition as a spontaneous and convincing actor,
came from ‘Flammen im Paradies’ a French language feature film directed by Marcus Imhoof, An Oscar nominee French filmmaker, who cast her as the lead
character of Hosiannah.

More films followed viz. Ek Haseena Thi, Saathiya and Staying Alive. And various advertisement films for products such as Marinda, Green Acres and Kwality Walls Ice cream.

Then several popular Short One Hour films for Zee TV , And Star Plus with some of the topline directors .

Reporter with Director Vinod Pande

Mohandas BA LLB with Pankaj Kapur.

X-Zone For Zee TV with Directors like Imtiaz Ali, Glen
Ankush and Gaurab Pande.

Kagaar with Amit Kumar.

CID and Aahat with Director BP Singh.

Portraying myriad characters for Several long running characters in serials like
Manish Goswami’s Sarkaar, Ravi Rai’s Teacher, Balaji Telefilms Kavyanjali and Kasam Se.

Her tour de force performance in Haqeeqat, A critically acclaimed series based on true cases of human rights violations, brought Geeta Nair the BEST ACTRESS GRAND JURY AWARD of Indian Television Academy in 2008.

An aspiration to excel and a tireless will to succeed has been the driving force of Geeta Nair. Therefore when she chanced upon a film script that was commercial as well as rich in aesthetics, she immediately opted to produce
her first feature film under her own banner Autofocus Pictures.

Today she has independently produced VASUDHA a feature film in her native language-Malayalam. A film slated for release in May-June