Gaurav and Shubha Sethi’s Indian Derby Win!! 23rd Feb (Sunday) at Tote on the Turf was a Rocking Affair !

Gaurav and Shubha Sethi’s Indian Derby Win!! 23rd Feb (Sunday) at Tote on the Turf was a Rocking Affair !

Gaurav and Shubha Sethi hosted a party to celebrate their horse Alaindair’s record breaking Derby victory on Sunday night (23rd Feb) at Tote on the Turf.  Reshma Merchant,  Gaurav’s sister, and her father was the one who introduced Gaurav to the world of racing and she played gracious co-host at this victory party

Reshma and Suleiman Merchant said “ Gaurav is our new kid on the turf with the winning Alaindair.  We are very proud of him and are excited for Alaindair to do a hat trick by winning his next race!!  ” . Mr. Thimayai father in law of Gaurav chatting up with Hemant Sanganee.

The party started with popping of the champagne after a short video of Alaindair’s achievements in a short 1.5 year span.  The inside section had a huge cut out of the Alaindar, the horse,  for guests who wanted to have a glance at him.  There was a comfortable cigar lounge made for guests to relax and let their hair down.

Guests were seen congratulating the trainer, Altamash Ahmed, who is a young trainer and has won them to dual derbies, Bangalore and the Indian Derby.

Gaurav Sethi says,  “For every person that enters this sport, the ultimate dream is to stand on that podium and hold the coveted trophy of the Indian Derby, and hopes that their horses will fulfill that dream.  All I can say is I dared to dream large and yes it does come true when you believe in it!” Gaurav Sethi with Hemant Sanganee ( Creative Director & Media Consultant ).

Dalip Tahil also made his presence felt.

Bina & Talat Aziz were seen enjoying the party.

Guests who were grooving to the music and celebrating with the proud hosts were Reshma & Suleiman, Salim,

Simone Singh, Sunny Sara,

Ritik Bhasin, Azeem & Sameena Khan,

Narendra Kumar,

Pria Kataria Puri,

Nisha Jamvwal,

Sahil Sangha, Turkish Councel Ceylen Ozen and her husband,

Anu & Shashi Ranjan,

Nauheed Cyrusi, Kishen Mulchandani, Dalip Tahil,

Rashmi Nigam, Sameer & Palak Sheth and many more…

This was one celebration that will be remembered!!