Ganjam launched the exquisite Nizam Collection at IIJW 2012

Ganjam launched the exquisite Nizam Collection at IIJW 2012


The House of Ganjam, launched the Nizam collection at IIJW 2012. The collection is a tribute to the unparalleled grandeur and the opulent lifestyle of Indian Royalty and an attempt to recreate a glimpse of that glory in the form of beautiful jewellery.

Luxury & ostentation – the lifestyle of Hyderabad royalty, finds expression in Ganjam’s Nizam collection. The Nizam collection features unique pieces including jewellery for men, crafted using the finest emeralds, diamonds, perals and yellow sapphires.

The show featured actor/ model Sahil Shroff as the showstopper wearing pieces from the collection, handcrafted specifically for men.

Sahil showcased some exquisite men’s jewellery like the Sarpech – a head ornament for men, diamond and pearl sherwani buttons and a gorgeous neck piece crafted from emeralds, rubilite, diamonds and pearls.

Other top models like Rachel Bayros,

Candice Pinto,

Carol Gracias and Sucheta also walked the ramp for Ganjam showcasing stunning pieces from the collection.

Some of the guests in attendance were model Angela Johnson

and actress Richa Chadha.

Gautam Kapoor, Theron, Suki Dusanj, Alberto & Delba Bestonso, Shyam Iyer and David and SKye Fischer were also present amongst others.

The show opened with a tribute to Prabhuda Das Gupta in the form a short film that gave  glimpses of the brilliant campaigns that he and Ganjam collaborated in their longstanding association.

Commenting on this occasion, Umesh Ganjam, Joint Managing Director, Ganjam said, “Ganjam has always been proud to say we are an Indian luxury brand producing world class works of art using the best jewels we can, the Nizam collection is a testament to that commitment.

Under the direction of Aparna Gujral, the Ganjam Design Studio has created an interesting mix for connoisseurs of luxurious and artistic Indian jewellery. “The colour pallete, materials and form language used in the collection is typically Indian, but the product silhouettes and treatments are very international” she said.

The assortment consists of suites to grand individual pieces; from large necklaces to chokers, lighter necklaces to large pendants, long elaborate earrings to big studs, to rings and bracelets, armbands and brooches for women. It also offers a sarpech that can be worn as a pendant and sherwani buttons and cufflinks for men.