Fun Facts about The Amazing Spider-man

Fun Facts about

The Amazing Spider-man


Spider-man is one such character that brings the old and the young together. With its reboot film in the franchise- The Amazing Spider-man releasing in India on the 29th June; all seem to have bucked up. The weekends are set with families, spouse or friends and it’s going to be a spidey weekend for all!

But there are things which not all the spidey fans are aware of. The Classic Marvel Comic Book character, the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in 1962 in the last issue of the comic book Amazing Fantasy. The character made such an impression that the comic was renamed The Amazing Spider-Man, reappearing in March 1963.Well-known to fans of the Spider-Man comic books, Gwen Stacy made her first appearance in December 1965 (The Amazing Spider-Man #31).The Lizard is a classic Marvel villain, having made his first appearance in the 1963 in The Amazing Spider-Man #6.




Sony Picture’s The Amazing Spider-man comes to us with the Peter Parker story packaged in a new manner. The unseen truth of the spider-man gets revealed with the movie. After the phenomena of the first 3 movies, Peter Parker starts over in high school in this brand new installment. He also has a new love – Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) which was earlier played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-man 3. The movie comes as a fresh air with all together new cast and new Director. Film (500) days of summer fame director Marc Webb has directed the film which stars Andrew Garfield as the Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Connors who transforms into The lizard. The film also has India’s very own Irrfan Khan in a pivotal role of Dr Ratha. It is the first film to have non-Americans playing not only the lead roles but also the villains – Andrew Garfield (British), Rhys Ifans (British) and Irrfan (Indian)

It seems like it is the perfect timing for a new Spider-Man to greet the audience as 10 years ago the first film in the franchise was released. Also the franchise will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Adding a new dimension to the film is the fact that the franchise fans will swing along with their favourite superhero as the movie will be in 3D!