French actress, singer Isabelle Adjani requests for only Mulshi Springs – natural spring water while shooting in India

Internationally well-known French actress and singer Isabelle Adjani holds the record for the most César Awards for Best Actress with five awards. She is currently in Mumbai to shoot for Preity Zinta’s film Ishkq in Paris and is staying at the Sofitel hotel at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai.

Mushtaq Rauf – Vice President Marketing Mulshi Springs was woken up at 5 am on Saturday morning by a senior Sofitel manager requesting immediate delivery of a couple of cartons of Mulshi Springs – natural spring water. A little birdie from the hotel told us that Isabelle Adjani had savored Mulshi Springs in Paris at the finest water bar in the world – Colette (Mulshi Springs is the only Indian water to be stocked at various Water Bars across the world) and was looking forward to relishing it in India as well. She would have no other branded fine water except Mulshi Springs natural spring water. Mushtaq Rauf in turn had to call CEO of Mulshi Springs Naveen Luthra who was at the bottling plant at Mulshi about 15 kilometers from Amby Vally into the depths of the Sayhadri Ghats to ensure that the cartoons were delivered to Isabelle Adjani within a couple of hours at her room at the Sofitel.

It is a well-known fact that several Bollywood celebrities including Salman Khan and his family trust only Mulshi Springs for its freshness, purity, zero pesticide content, lightness and strict quality control. Mulshi Springs is the only fine water which is sourced from the biological hotspot of the Sahayadris and packaged at source in a transparent glass bottle in India. It is also the only Indian water to be exported to Europe including France and the US and Australia – passing the very stringent quality control norms of the European Union for fine natural spring water.

The chaps at Mulshi Springs were elated at this development as Sofitel also stocks the highly reputed French bottled water; Evian, but Isabelle Adjani chose Mulshi Springs over Evian. Last we heard Naveen Luthra has decided to gift Isabelle Adjani a huge stock of Mulshi Springs to make sure that she has the finest Indian water during her stay in India.