FREE PAERTICIPA​TION in JIFF 2013-for NGO’s/Soci​eties/Trus​t’s & Film MAKERS/Pro​ducers/Dir​ectors/Ins​titutions/​Production Houses Etc.

On the special occasion of Indian Cinema completing its 100 years, you will be happy to know that from this year onwards JIFF would like to expand its participation in the social arenas as well.  This is the reason why we are inviting the NGO’s/ Societies/ Trusts & Film Makers/Producers/Directors/Institutions/Production Houses from all the parts of the world to come and join us to share their experiences and achievements till date.  They can attain enough publicity regarding their current and upcoming projects & achievements.  JIFF will not take any sort of charge for the same.

On this special occasion, we would like to promote the versatile talents associated with the film world right on a single unique platform.  There will be free publicity for the participants so that they can establish themselves on international dais and develop their discrete identity.

Yes, in this only NGOs, and film directors/ producers of various art and commercial films (short/documentaries/animation and ad) and those who have been associated with JIFF (2009 to 2013) in past can participate.

The registration process will be accomplished on ‘FIRST COME AND FIRST SERVE’ basis.

The final date of registration is 30 October, 2012 and other vital information is in the attachment.

The registration will be done on the ‘first come and first serve’ basis and the first 100 NGO’s/Societies/Trust’s and film makers in each mention category (see below) shall be entertained.  The selected institutions/NGO’s/Film makers are needed to provide a standee to JIFF.

All the standees will be located at the main venue for the visitors with high class decorations.  Along with the standees, there will be a design bag as well.  It will incorporate the brief information (maximum design paper size-A4, provided by organization/participants) about the organization.  This information card can be taken by any of the visitors and if necessary then the concerned institution will render it in a printed document format.

All the standees are equal in terms of shape and size and beautifully designed.  The JIFF committee has decided that the concerned group shall provide the design (size 2.5×5 sq. feet) to us on the email ID As a reasonable expense related to the printing, transporting and caretaking of the designs it is essential for every organization of pay Rs. 2000/-or US $50 It is anticipated that you would like our proposal and come forward with a positive response.

Please send us @: About organization-vision and mission with achievements, a design standee-size 2.5×5 sq. feet, logo of your organization, phone number, web address, mail ID, Contact person name and postal address so that we can published in our festival catalogue.

Accounting detail:

The standee printing, transporting and caretaking charges will be accepted by Cash or Demand Draft or Cheque, or money transfer in favour of Jaipur International Film Festival Trust (Account number-10331131000292), (CHIPS ABA Number: 0509, Swift / Sort Code: ORBCINBBJPR, ORBS 0101033) Bank Address: – Oriental Bank of Commerce, Khadi Board Branch, Bajaj Nagar, Near BSNL office, J L N Road, Jaipur, India)

The rules and regulations

– The size has to be 2.5 x 5 sqf (in feet)

– It will be mandatory to write 5 to 10 lines about the person/organization

–  Registration will be entertained on the ‘first come and first serve’ basis.

– The last date of submission with design will be 30th October 2012. The submissions thereafter shall not be entertained under any circumstances.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 100 years of Indian Cinema:  Maximum 100 individuals/organization will be in every category from around the world-Category please see below:

1. The registration of 100 NGOs.

2. 100 freelance filmmakers

3. 100 film/ TV/ animation/ media/ school/ department/ organization

4. 100 production houses/ distributers

5.  100 films/filmmakers (submitted and non –submitted in JIFF)

6.  100 directors (only of films and TV).  It comprises the work in the field of short, documentary, animation and feature

7. 100 scripts/ screenplay writers for both films and TV

8. 100 cameramen/ sound recorders

9. 100 editors for film &TV both

10. 100 Musicians

11. 100 exhibitors

12. 100 Artists

13. 100e young filmmakers

14.  100 filmmakers who are more than 50 years of age

15. 100 choreographers

16.  100 Student filmmakers

17.  100 Short filmmakers

18. 100 Documentary filmmakers

19.  100 Animation filmmakers

20.  100 Feature film filmmakers

21.  100 Ad filmmakers

22. 100 Film Festivals around the world

23. 100 film makers who were submitted their film in JIFF 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012.

24. 100 film makers who submitted the film in JIFF 2013

25. 100 cine lovers from all over the world

In complementary on the occasion of the celebration of the 100 years of Indian Cinema, JIFF will be offering you without any charges/fee/registration:

1.      Absolutely free registration in JIFF 2013 (worth Rs. 1000/-)

2.      One Royal Dinner from our side (worth Rs. 1000/-to 2000/-)

3.      The publication of passport size photograph, name, website, mail and phone number in JIFF catalogue 2013 for networking between all of you around the world.  Please send all the necessary information before 30th October 2012 at :

4.      You will receive complementary festival  batch, festival schedule, festival cap and T-shirt from our side (worth Rs. 1000/-to 2000/-)

5.      Absolutely free entry in the Opening Ceremony (worth Rs. 1000/-)

6.      25% discount in the Closing Ceremony (worth Rs. 1000/-)

7.      One complementary registration from our side for any person on your behalf (worth Rs. 1000/-)


o   Exhibitions will be at Golcha & Rajasthan chamber of commerce and industry during the festival only.

o   The rights of the location and the position in which the standees will be put be exclusively with JIFF

o   The last date of registration/submission with design will be 30th October 2012

o   Registration will be entertained on the ‘first come and first serve’ basis.

It is anticipated that you would like our proposal and come forward with a positive response.