Frames Film Festival Begins-The First Day of Cinematic Epicness

Frames Film Festival Begins-The First Day of Cinematic Epicness

Frames Film Festival Begins-The First Day of Cinematic Epicness

Founded in 2003, Frames Film Festival is an initiative by the BAMMC students of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce for providing a platform to the promising, up and coming filmmakers from all over the world. Today, it has grown to be India’s Largest undergraduate film festival.

The 18th edition of Frames Film Festival is honouring the wonderful women of cinema and their immense contributions
with its theme: ‘Kriti- A Work of Art’. Kri  represents creation and Ti here representing the women of cinema.

Frames Film Festival 2021 is powered by Mukesh Gupta and co-powered by MTV Beats India.

The event began with a warm welcome to the online audience and a few words from the HOD of the BAMMC department Mr Mithun Pillai, he discussed how it seemed difficult for Frames to be held this year, but the hard work and dedication of the students made it possible. A tribute video for the late principal Dr Milind Vaidya was played.

A trailer for the festival was played and the Youtube Livestream audience expressed their excitement and eager anticipation for the start of the screenings.

An interview with famous TV and film actor Rohitash Gaud was held in which he quoted – “Such a great initiative. This will definitely help usher new talent and provide a stage for some great films.” Later, he also spoke about the problem of typecasting in the industry, if someone does a comic role he is seen only as a comic actor. When asked about whether he would like to work more in television or films, he said he would prefer to work more in films and also potentially OTT platforms as he has worked in Television for a long time.The first event for the day, International Short Films began by welcoming the judges which included actors Manoj Pahwa and Rohini Hattangadi.

Mr. Manoj praised the students for organising such a big event in  the time span of just one month and that too online.  The five films that were screened for this category were received exceptionally well by both the jury and the online audience.

The second event for the day was National Short Films, which had actors Neelu Kohli, Lubhna Salim and Gurinder Makna.
The films showcased here also drew praise from the judges for the interesting themes and ideas portrayed in the stories.

The third and final event for the day was a panel discussion on Story Writing with the guest being writer and director Amreeta Roy. She spoke about the importance of balancing event and emotion based elements when writing stories. When asked about the necessity of complex language in stories, she answered that for the understanding of the common man simple language is preferred. She revealed that her least favorite genre to work in would be horror.

The first day of Frames Film Festival concluded, leaving the audience with the promise of much more to come in the next two days.