Foundation launches project towards eradication of Hepatitis B, on World Hepatitis Day


Foundation launches project towards eradication of Hepatitis B, on World Hepatitis Day

Partners with United Way of Mumbai and AmeriCares India ‘Towards Hepatitis B Free Next Generation

~Announces Mumbai slums pilot project Pahal – a new beginning~National Liver



 On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, National Liver Foundation (NLF) an NGO working towards eradication of Hepatitis B pan India; announces its project – Towards Hepatitis B Free Next Generation through targeted interventions. This multi-pronged All India campaign spearheaded by National Liver Foundation has the key support of groups such as the Ministry of Health, Rotary, National Taiwan University in making India a Hepatitis B free nation. The total Hepatitis B virus carrier pool in India is estimated at 25-40 million with a national prevalence rate of 2- 4%, primarily due to lack of awareness.

Chronic Hepatitis B usually results from either vertical transmission (Mother to child) or due to horizontal transmission (social contact). National Liver Foundation and associates focus on targeted interventions for prevention of Hepatitis B among pregnant women, directly resulting in effective prevention of Hepatitis B from mother to the baby. The two year pilot project incorporates comprehensive strategy of targeted screening, immunization, medical care and interventions especially of the pregnant women and nationwide Information-Education-Communication campaign.  

Dr Samir R Shah – Hon. Gen. Secretary – National Liver Foundation, Specialist in Hepatobiliary diseases/Consultant Gastroenterologist, said, “We, at National Liver Foundation strive to contribute towards making India a Hepatitis B free country. With lessons learnt from our project  Pahal in the slums of Mumbai, we hope to take this movement nationwide. National Liver Foundation and its partner NGOs United Way Mumbai and AmeriCares sets on its 3-pronged Information-Education-Communication mission towards eradicating Hepatitis B from India.

Project ‘Towards Hepatitis B Free Next Generation’ is National Liver Foundation (NLF), AmeriCares and United Way Mumbai Helpline (UWMH) vision towards driving awareness about the disease which is more rampant and fatal than HIV. The maiden campaign activation in three slum communities in Mumbai will address the Western suburbs, Eastern suburbs and South Mumbai towards Hepatitis B testing in pregnant women and vaccination of new born. National Liver Foundation will launch Patient Support Groups, where patients can get together to support each other; while it launches its various state chapters all over the country to make this movement nationwide.

About National Liver Foundation

National Liver Foundation (NLF) is a voluntary, non-profit organization promoting awareness and prevention of liver diseases. It offers help, information, and supports to those suffering from liver disease and their families. In addition, NLF reaches out to support programmes involving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of liver- related diseases. Since its inception NLF has attempted to spread awareness about preventable hepatic diseases and reaching out to people suffering from chronic or advanced diseases through; Various educational and training programmes including seminars, Patient support groups, Mobilizing funds for providing treatment to patients at considerably subsidized rates, Campaigns for promoting organ donation, Vaccinate Hepatitis B vaccine to all medical students and Para-medical entrants etc.


About United Way Mumbai Helpline: United Way of Mumbai

United Way is a global movement which seeks to leverage corporate, employee and leadership talent for community development. United Way Mumbai Helpline (UWMH) is a special initiative of United Way of Mumbai, which has been making collaborative and consistent efforts in addressing aspects related to health and disaster response measures in Mumbai. Embarking city wide campaigns with multi stakeholder involvement for awareness generation/ sensitization on best practices for better health among citizens, vital aspects on disease such as Malaria, Hepatitis B and C along with targeted medical interventions with community participation etc. is the key expertise of UWMH. All the civic campaigns led by UWMH have a common feature i.e. collective involvement of the government authorities, civil society members (citizens/ youth volunteers) and Corporates. UWMH is a frontrunner in the sphere of implementing sustainable and replicable citywide initiatives for issues concerning community health care.

About AmeriCares India Foundation:

The AmeriCares India Foundation provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs in India and in neighbouring countries, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion. In that capacity, AmeriCares India Foundation currently operates in twenty states across India, and has already delivered more than Rs 13 crores worth of free medical assistance in the last year alone. AmeriCares India Foundation accomplishes its mission through the donation of essential medicines and supplies to charity hospitals and community medical programs, by operating medical camps in slum and tribal areas, and by responding to disasters such as the floods in Leh-Ladakh or the cyclone in West Bengal. AmeriCares India Foundation simultaneously emphasizes the need for health education, disaster preparedness and medical training.