‘For the Love of Music’… Rahul Vaidya presented the Gold Ring he wore to the Tabla Maestro

‘For the Love of Music’… Rahul Vaidya presented the Gold Ring he wore to the Tabla Maestro

Saturday night was one such memorable night where music was celebrated & how.
A night where, for the love of music & respect for the renowned tabla maestro Zakir Hussain Saab, Rahul Vaidya could not think of a better way to appreciate his talent that he took off the gold ring he wore & presented it to Zakir Hussain Saab putting the audiences in awe.

It was a night where Shri Amjad Ali Khan Saab & Zakir Hussain Saab gave a treat to all the music connoseuriers who had come to attend the yearly function held by Mr. Suresh Wadkar & his academy ‘Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Music Academy.

Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Music Academy which offers a six-year degree course in music is a four-storeyed academy in Mumbai has over 400 pupils learning classical music, dance and instruments like the sitar, harmonium, tabla and dilruba.

The Singing sensation himself, Rahul Vaidya happens to be a student of the same academy, he was simply seen in a different trance altogether as he enjoyed Zakir Hussain’s music.
After the performance, he stood up in respect…walked down to the table Maestro but took off his gold ring presenting it to Zakir Saab & simply folded his hands in due respect.

Rahul Vaidya stunned by the magical performance exclaimed , “zakir saab is one the rarest indians who has made tabla and India famous world wide. I have been one his biggest fans since I was a child. Last nite during the performance my hands turned red clapping and  my love for him n respect for his art just made me remove my ring impulsively n make him wear it . And its my honor n so sweet of him to have accepted it with a smile!”

The things People do….for the Love of Music!!!