Five apps that are Rajkumar Rao’s staple.

Five apps that are Rajkumar Rao’s staple.

Rajkumar Rao shares the names of Applications which help make his life easier. These Apps are a reflection of all the qualities that the award winning actor possesses. The actor being an explorer uses some Apps to gain insights while he uses some others to Physically commute to his researched locations. The actor also loves to stay updated as well as keep his loved ones updated and he manages both digitally using Applications. Find out below, the Apps that personify Rajkumar Rao.

1. YouTube– The actor who is a lover of documentaries is glued to the App till the wee hours, exploring intricate details of various subjects. Rajkumar also uses YouTube as a stress-buster by relaxing to the tunes of his desired music genre. He terms the App to be of immense utility as it helps him learn, explore and refresh.

2. Google maps– This App is on the top of Rajkumar Rao’s activity bar. Rajkumar who is a traveller at heart uses Google Maps to reach locations. The App helps him reach locations on time using the shortest route, in addition to preventing him to take wrong turns. Rajkumar terms the Google Maps to be ‘the most convenient’.

3. Instagram– Being a Public Figure, Rajkumar uses this medium to stay visually connected to his loved ones. He keeps his audiences updated with the on-goings of his life through this App. He is seen clicking innovative selfies in addition to short videos.

4. IMDb– This App helps Rajkumar get insights of films at his finger tips. Being a movie buff, the actor often uses this App to gain additional knowledge about Indian and International films.

5. News – Staying true to his nature, the actor who loves to be updated consumes his news digitally. He uses a popular news App to gain information about the world.