First look of Baat Bann Gayi unveiled

First look of Baat Bann Gayi unveiled

The first look of Baat Bann Gayi, a production of Jaypeeco Infotainment and ASR Media, was unveiled here on August 5, 2013. The film stars Ali Fazal, Gulshan Grover, Anisa, Amrita Raichand, Razzak Khan and Akshay Singh.

Directed Shuja Ali, Baat Bann Gayi is slated for release on August 30, 2013. The film is presented by Jaypeeco India Pvt Ltd and Vibhu Agarwal and is produced by Sayed Asif Jah and Megha Agarwal. “This is for the first-time that I have ventured in the films and my role is as a producer and seeing the good-will, the production team of Baat Bann Gayi is now working on three more projects,” said Vibhu Agarwal.

Baat Bann Gayi is a romantic-comedy based on Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’ enriched with the classical plot of ‘duals’, which depicts the comedy of errors when lookalike of characters encounter each other. Unexpected, hilarious and utterly humorous situations arise because of mistaken identity. Lots of trouble and confusions turn the flow of narrative into a hilarious, thriller goof-filled with madness, surprises, and stomach aching humorous situations,” says Shuja.

British-Indian actress, Anisa makes her debut in a lead role with Ali Fazal, who is known for his cameo role in the super-hit movie, 3-Idiots. “For the first-time in his film career, Gulshanji is playing a double role. It was indeed a great pleasure to work with him (Gulshanji) and the entire cast – Ali Fazal, Anisa, Amrita Raichand, Razzak Khan and Akshay Singh – are very talented and amazing to work with,” says Asif Jah, producer of Baat Baan Gayi.

Along with Anisa, Amrita Raichand also makes her debut as an actor. Amrita is known face on small-screen for her advertisements with Ponds’ Dream Fairness Cream, Whirlpool Home Appliances, etc. Harpeet Singh too makes his debut as music composer for the film.

Both, Gulshan Grover and Ali Fazal are playing a double role in Baat Bann Gayi.  “I have done over 300 films till now and this is for the first-time I am doing a double-role,” Gulshan informed adding, “It’s a family flick, romantic comedy and a complete stress-buster for the people, who want to get relived from stress.”

Ali Fazal, who is the lead actor in the film, added that it was a fun playing a double-role also Gulshanji whom he has always seen as a bad man in films. “I grew watching his (Gulshan Grover) movies as a bad man, but in reality he is completely an opposite man,” said Ali Fazal, who is expecting his film career to be Baat Bann Gayi from here onwards.

The film has extensively been shot in India and Singapore. “We had a great experience shooting in Singapore and we have explored amazing locales,” said Shuja Ali.

The film will be released on August 30 that depicts comedy of errors with lookalike characters.