First Day, ‘Fast’ Show- Bigg Boss’s new season premiere’s tonight

First Day, ‘Fast’ Show- Bigg Boss’s new season premiere’s tonight

First Day, ‘Fast’ Show- Bigg Boss’s new season premiere’s tonight 

Salman Khan at the launch episode of Bigg Boss

Set your clocks to 9 pm tonight as the new season of Bigg Boss opens its door to the all-new celebrity contestants. With their mixed bag of different personalities, the inmates of the house will stir up drama and spruce up the entertainment for the next 100 + days. For the first time ever, the new season of the show will speed up the proceedings making it a fast track season. Along with the viewers even the stalwarts of the Bollywood industry are curious to know about the new twist in the Bigg Boss. Celebrities like Farah Khan, Karan Johar, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and  Jacqueline Fernandes call Salman Khan to ask various questions like who are the contestants, what is the theme of this season, why there is a finale in 4 weeks etc.

 Ameesha Patel and Salman Khan in Bigg Boss

The first-day first show episode of the show opens up to host Salman Khan grooving to his hit number ‘slow motion’. This time around, the contestants are made to face various tasks even before they set their foot inside the house. Each task set precedence for each one’s entry marked by a major twist. The one contestant who gets the maximum tasks also gets an advantage over others.

 Salman Khan dancing in the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss also introduced ‘Bed Friends Forever’, a new concept that started the ball of excitement and intrigue rolling. It revealed which inmate will share beds with which fellow inmate. Each contestant is given a color tag with BFF ( Bed friends forever) written on it and is asked to find their bed partner once inside the house. Spicing up the ongoings, the sizzling Ameesha Patel makes a surprise element entry on the stage dancing to ‘Ram Leela’. When asked, if she is going to cry or make others cry by Salman Khan, Ameesha asks him to let it stay a mystery.

Ameesha Patel at the launch of Bigg Boss (1)

Moments away from now, the speculations will be put to rest as the final contestants make their way into the most talked-about house, under the watchful eye of Bigg Boss.

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