International movie Love Lies And Seeta, made under Movie Depot Banner is going to release in India on May 18th. A press conference of the film was held in Mumbai on 12th May at Cinemax Malad in Mumbai. The lead cast of the movie Melanie Kannokada and Lavrenti Lopes along with Writer, Director, Producer Chandra Pemmaraju, Executive Producer Chaitanya Chitta, COO Cinemax Motion Pictures Arpan Datta addressed the media on this occasion.

This world cinema movie is a new-age romantic comedy set in New York and revolves around the idea of love, friendship and Seeta in particular. “The idea was simple –to make the first of its kind- fun, young urban romantic comedy in an extremely low budget yet with international standards. The movie took a year and half to make. I enjoyed the process of writing the story as well as making the movie, and I hope the Indian audience will like the movie as much as I liked making it,” says Chandra.

Shot in 50+ different locations in just 28 days, using the revolutionary red camera, the film is shot completely in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY with an ensemble cast of Indian – American and American actors, the movie aims to appeals to the hipster generation of moviegoers as well as all the audience who love cinema. The movie is completely funded by Film Enthusiasts, and stars, Melanie Kannokada who has been Former Miss India USA and has acted in hit American TV Series Rules of Engagement, Arjun Gupta who has acted in American TV series Nurse Jackie, Lavrenti Lopes who has acted in American Film Sub-Hysteria and Desperate Endeavors, Michael Derek who acted in As the World Turns, Leah Kavita, Caroline Korale, Daniel Wilkinson who acted in Hotel Chelsea, Rob Byrnes and Aaron Katter in key roles. The movie is supported by various investors based all over US and India, and a core team consisting of Chaitanya Chitta, Gaurav Panchal, Raju Penmatcha, all US based corporate/business professionals.

This Indo–American independent film is about “falling for a girl who doesn’t believe in love”, interweaving friendships that cross-traditional borders of ethnicity. The movie follows the lives of the male leads – Rahul, Tom, and Bhavuk, who have all independently met the beautiful Seeta at different stages in their lives. As the friendship amongst the three men grow, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them realize they all have fallen in love with the same woman. They reach-out to their friends outside the group to cope with falling in love with Seeta. The love triangle envelops the characters and their friends. The city backdrop depicts a New York summer and makes its urban-natural beauty an important supporting character.

Chandra Pemmaraju, is a film writer, producer and director of Indian origin based out of New York. He has written produced and directed May Beetle, Kissing Miss Jones and worked in the screenplay department, production management and as first assistant director / 2nd unit director for film Life Camera Action, which is currently in various film festivals and received accolades and awards. The movie is distributed by Cinemax Motion Pictures in India.