Fighting against injustice

Fighting against injustice

Chanakya Creations all set to complete the shoot of Candle March, a story to create revolution against women injustice


According to India’s constitution, women are legal citizens of the country and have equal rights with men. Only about 39 percent of all women in India actually attend primary schools. Rape in India is the fourth most common crime against women in India. It’s high time we need to change, and the society has to change.

Indian film industry is an impressive medium to reach a varied section of society and hence came into existence ‘Chanakya Creations’. With the glamour and entertainment becoming major focus in film industry, Chanakya Creations in association with K4 Enterprises wants to cater to the social issues of India and bring into the notice of the decision makers. Through this initiative, Chanakya Creations can be a platform to resolve the issues present in the society which are avoided.

Chanakya Creations presents ‘Candle March’, a Marathi feature film based on true story revolves around four female protagonists who are sexually harassed. There are chain of events which connects all four protagonists to fight against the system and injustice. The story is majorly inspired from the known incidences of sex scandals in India.

Entire movie is shot on actual locations in Mumbai. The climax was shot at the Court Exterior of Film City where the entire team gave their best performance. The outside court room drama of the protagonists was wonderfully enacted by Tejaswini Pandit, Smita Tambe, Manava Naik and Sayali Sahastrbudhye. The host of crowd who are supporters of the protagonist and Police officers encounter with major action sequence, very similar to real life. The day schedule ended with several women supporters marching with the candles and raising voice against criminal played by Nilesh Diwekar.

The captain of the ship is director Sachin Dav, concept, screenplay and heart touching dialogues by Sachin Darekar, music is manned by music director Amitraj, giving the realistic feel cinematographer Raja Satankar and the backbone of the entire film Line producers Anjali and Nilesh Gawade.

The film will finish its shoot in Mumbai and will soon come to meet the audience creating fire in their heart against women injustice.