“FATSO might be my most commercial film so far” – Rajat Kapoor.

Afterthe success of ‘Raghu Romeo’, ‘Mixed Doubles’ and ‘Mithya’ – Rajat Kapoor’s nextdirectorial venture quirkily titled “Fatso” – promises to delight every cinemaaficionado.

Inthe director’s signature style – hysterical, intelligent, & honest.. Fatso is all about love packaged in with a calorie count!Says Rajat Kapoor, “ I don’t make conventionalfilms. I wanted to make a love story with a dose of jealousy and drama. Fatsois about love with a twist. It might be my most commercial film sofar”.

Talking about the protagonist played by the versatile RanvirShorey says Kapoor, “Ranvir’s character is of a shy, fat, slow guy, who is thebutt of jokes yet loved by all his friends. He is secretly in love with Gul’scharacter.” Adding that ,“Threeyears back there was a wave of films like `Bheja Fry`, `Oye Lucky Lucky Oye`and `Mithya`. They did well at that time… the last two years saw the returnof blockbuster mainstream cinemas like `Dabangg` and `Wanted`-But now I seesomething change after films like `Kahaani`, `Paan Singh Tomar`, and `Vicky Donor`. So it’s a cycle and I feelthe wheels have turned, hopefully. So maybe now it`s the right time,”

Theout and out comedy is already a subject of heated discussion overseas, havingtraveled to several international festivals including South Asian Film Festival in New York,Indian FilmFestival of Los Angeles, Shanghai International Film Festival, and was alsochosen as arecipient of the prestigious Golden Palm Award at the 2010Mexico International Film Festival.

Withits release around the corner, ask the director what his expectations of thefilm are and quick comes the reply – “I am not in this business to makemoney and that was never my intention. I only want to make films that I believein. I will never make a film that I don’t believe in. I have also accepted thatmy films may not release, but I make the film that I believe in,” addsRajat.

PritishNandy Communications ‘Fatso, a delightful take on love, life, romance and theoccasional accident of death, directed by Rajat Kapoor comes to a theatre nearyou May 4th, 2012.